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Balmuda the portable speaker

For a stunning addition to your home or office, go for the BALMUDA The Portable Speaker. Its design is whimsical yet gorgeous, and the 360-degree 3D sound gives you enviable audio. Whether you’re entertaining guests or want to relax solo, this speaker brightens the room.

Bower studios melt glass mirror i

The Bower Studios Melt Glass Mirror I made our list of fancy gadgets for your home and office because it adds a statement to any space. It slumps over a wooden dowel, creating a beautifully reflective surface.

Ciamenr 3-in-1 tree lamp

The Ciamenr 3-in-1 Tree Lamp is one of those fancy gadgets for your home or office that’s sure to start some conversations. Shaped like a bonsai tree, this LED light also has a Bluetooth speaker and wireless charging pad. And you can adjust the light using touch controls on the base.

Coway icon quiet air purifier

Capture 99.9% of ultrafine dust, the stylish way, with the Coway Icon Quiet Air Purifier. This device improves your room’s air quality and has a minimalist design that looks great in any room.

‎gadget flow — discover & shop

The original product discovery platform is totally accessible right from the palm of your hand. Use the Gadget Flow app to stay up to date with the latest tech, gear, and most incredible crowdfunding campaigns.

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Did we mention our iOS app also supports AR and VR? Talk about next-level product exploration!

From the cool to the functional to the downright weird, we showcase over 17,000 live products across 250 categories. We also feature 12 new discoveries every single day to cater to every interest whether you’re into the latest smart home devices or EDC gear.

Use the app to save products to your wish list and create a custom feed to discover more from your favorite categories. With detailed yet engaging descriptions paired with high-quality photos and videos, you wouldn’t be the first user to go down a satisfying spiral of product discovery.

Whether you’re looking for geeky gadgets, luxurious products, travel gadgets, camping gear, car accessories, drones, TVs, gaming gear, or simply a gift for someone special, you’ll find it here.

— Discover 12 amazing new products every single day
— It’s simple and easy to navigate (even your grandpa could find his way around this app)
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— Read products descriptions you’ll actually enjoy
— Dive into a seemingly never-ending list of products (okay, we’ll be honest: it ends somewhere around 17,000 [and counting])
— Save your favorites to your Wish List (choose to share or keep things private
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— Find the perfect gift for anyone and any occasion (and we mean ANYone)

— Mashable: “Great for techspirational gift-buying”
— PcMag: “A curated one-stop shop for gadgets”
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Humans since 1982 clockclock 9 choreographed clock

The Humans Since 1982 ClockClock 9 Choreographed Clock is one of our favorite fancy gadgets for your home and office. That’s because it provides a whole new way to tell time since the pieces spin and move in abstract and synchronized ways to tell the hour.

If you plan to give your home or office space a makeover, today’s digest is a must-read for you. with minimalist and unconventional designs, these are fancy gadgets you can get for your home and office. redecorating your most-used spaces just got even easier.

Want to upgrade your home or office setup without adding boring, conventional products? We’ve got you sorted. Today’s digest highlights some of the fancy gadgets for your home and office. These are products that can truly enhance the look and feel of your space.

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From minimalist home lights to never-seen-before glass mirrors, these are unconventional gadgets and accessories. If you plan to add something special to your home and office this spring, this list is a must-read for you.

Kensington studiodock ipad pro dock

The Kensington StudioDock iPad Pro Dock is one of those fancy gadgets for your home or office that turns your iPad into a true workstation. This dock connects to your iPad Pro 11″, iPad Air, and iPad Pro 12.9″, turning it into a mini desktop to let you get more stuff done using your iPad.

Lamel sconce and hardwired minimalist home light

Add a calming glow to your space with the Lamel Sconce and Hardwired Minimalist Home Light. It has an oversize disc that reflects the dual light source. The result is lighting that mimics a solar eclipse.

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Retio retro radio speaker

The Retio Retro Radio Speaker jazzes up your home or office with its retro nixie tubes. A design element from the 1960s-1980s, these cool tubes add a classic vibe to any space. But, don’t worry, this speaker is equipped for our times with its Bluetooth connection and 6,800 mAh battery.

Ruark audio mrx wireless multi-room speaker

The Ruark Audio MRx Wireless Multi-Room Speaker is one pretty speaker. That’s thanks to its retro cloth and stylish finishes. It also gives you a range of wireless streaming options and plays CD-quality sound from any compatible device.

Samsung the frame 2021 lifestyle tv

The Samsung The Frame 2021 Lifestyle TV makes your TV look like a work of art. That’s thanks to its easel-like base. Otherwise, the wall mount and My Shelf models are thin enough that you’d mistake them for picture frames.

Tivoli audio revive bluetooth speaker and charger

A speaker and Bluetooth charger in one device, the Tivoli Audio Revive Bluetooth Speaker and Charger looks great on your nightstand. It connects to any smartphone using Bluetooth 5.0. What’s more, the speaker pivots 30 degrees for directional audio and a rear-ported design.

Twelve south powerpic wireless charger photo frame

You’re going to want the Twelve South PowerPic Wireless Charger Photo Frame. It displays your digital photos and comes with a wireless charger. Just set your Qi-enabled phone against the frame, and it’ll start charging.

Yohann iphone and apple watch charging stand

The Yohann iPhone and Apple Watch Charging Stand is a gadget any Apple device owner will love. Not only is it beautiful, but it also charges your iPhone and Apple Watch simultaneously. The curved base even gives you a place to set your earbuds or rings while you work, which is why it made our list of fancy gadgets for your home and office.

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