Gadgets-reviews started out as a blog run by enthusiasts who are passionate about gadgets, modern technologies, and gaming.

Today, in 2021, is a website that provides in-depth analysis of the marketfor modern technologies and companies that are creating the future economy: industrial and medical robots, cobots, artificial intelligence, Big Data, data security systems. Industry analysis will be useful for those who are looking for stable and growing companies with high potential.

Dr. AnatomDr. Anatom, Editor. Dr. Anatom is pathologist not only when he writes his reviews and hack gadgets, but in real life. He is M.D. & Ph.D. in Medical sciences (surgery and anatomy), so he is our major competent expert as concerns health gadgets.

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He is a skilled gamer. When he was six, he took the old video game Nintendo OC-22 Octopus in his arms and since then he couldn’t part with the world of video games. Through his hands passed legendary ZX Spectrum, 8- and 16-bit consoles, and in 1994 Dr. Anatom got his first PC. All hell broke loose! «Fallout» and «Heroes», «WoW» and SOUls…  he began to create a record after record: WOW – 2900 hours, in SOULs – 400 hours. There are 1170 achievements in STEAM. Now, «doctor» prefers hardcore single-user projects, he plays PC, consoles and even on iPad. He writes the whole information from the gamer`s position, about gamers and for gamers. His creed is tough test-drives, just hardcore.  Full Bio>>>

Tatiana Kanunnikova analyzes markets, companies and their management. The market of the future includes industrial robots, cobots, artificial intelligence, Big Data, data security systems. We provide an independent analysis based on trusted sources and expert opinions.

Wiki authorWiki, Editor She has long worked as a marketer for large and renowned brands, so she knows all the tricks used to deceive and convince clients to buy useless goods. She is cynical, doesn’t take anyone’s word and is ruthless to those whose ads are misleading. She is fierce but impersonal. Should you be a decent and conscientious manufacturer, she will recommend your products to millions of our readers. Each review of useful gadgets that she composes is preceded by a full-scale investigation engaging scientists, proven facts and research. She will explain in detail whether you should trust innovations, how to use them properly, whether they are effective, and what results are expected. Full Bio>>>

What are we writing about?

First, it is gadgets for gamers, because we are real compulsive gamblers. Secondly, it is fitness-gadgets. We believe that the market of these devices is more long-range than is considered the case. Thirdly, we write about futuristic and cool gadgets. For the simple reason that we are cheerful guys:) 

Gadgets-reviews – is probably the most subjective portal about gadgets in the whole world. We are not looking for taste of others and top sales. We write only about those things, which we know ourselves.

Our core principle is that we don`t take at anybody`s word. Therefore we check info, then check once again, collect feedback: good and bad, and think it over. Only after that do we pass on our opinion.

We are very curious and meticulous; that’s why our every review is a real journalistic investigation, which is written with the aim of getting down to bed-rock, receiving the fullest and honest information.

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GamerProGamerPRO. This is a man who took part in the First and the Second Patriotic wars in Vietnam, Damascus, Azerot, Pluto and even in Chinese tearoom with the leader of triad. In general, he has a full and developed opinion about the world of video games. An outstanding feature is the lack of fear of criticism. If you fall into error, it will serve you right, and on the other hand, dignified people go toward the podium. In the modern industry, he likes good games, regardless of the genre. He is a fan of old school things. Tough satire, irony, openness, and humor are his key factors on which his reviews depend. Battle statistic- WOT: 6500 fights; Dota2: 760 hours; Steam: 1327 achievements; Quake 3 C.S 1.6: 15 years of his life.

author stingerStinger. He knows all cunnings, which marketing managers and traders resort to, to foist mediocre device to the trustful customer. He hangs out on hi-tech forums and interested in all gadgets at any theirs manifestation. In his information, he relies on facts and “cold analyze”. He is familiar with the journalistic investigation and captious reviews. He is sure that each text should be practically useful for any reader. He uses simple words to explain complicated concepts and his personal interpreter gremlin helps him with that.

150  Cool Gadgets for 2021 (Latest Tech & Gear Guide)Sinestro. He’s a gamer to the bone. He prefers thoughtful strategies to furious shooters, but doesn’t shy away from hitting a couple of dozen of frags after a long day at work. However, after several hours of intense Europa Universalis or Civilization battles, he fancies writing an article or two about some innovative, technology-consuming and unexplored. By the way, with the same pleasure he crashes and burns the unjustifiably marketed models and pays more attention to their less popular analogues of better quality. He’s a big fan of Steam’s Greenlight, where no decent product can escape his interest. 

Anastasia authorAnastasia. Gamer’s girl, who is slowly becoming a real geek. Each of her texts is an excellent possibility to take a glance at the world of gadgets on the third hand. This is our «differing view». She is an expert in the most fashionable devices. Moreover, she is the sole author of the portal without a beard. How to choose the appropriate electronic present for friend-gamer? Could be a gadget sweetie and honey? Why women are still afraid of complex technologies? Anastasia will tell you about these all and many others.

Our Indie author, snowboard rider

 SashaB — Our Indie author, snowboard rider

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