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50 Best Gadgets For Men of 2021 | HiConsumption Гаджет

Adidas rpt-01 sport on-ear headphones

Workout-ready earbuds are great for some folks, but they can be uncomfortable, the sound quality is lacking, and — in the case of totally wireless ones — they’re easy to lose. Adidas does away with all of that with these sweatproof on-ear offerings.

Purchase: $169

Apple airpods

With their compact design, charging case, and the backing of Apple, AirPods are still everyone’s favorite wireless earbuds — and that doesn’t look to be changing anytime soon. And since they still didn’t announce the new supposed-water-resistant version yet, these ones are still plenty viable compared to non-Apple alternatives. They’re super easy to use, charge quickly, and — even in their case — are small enough to slip into your pocket.

Purchase: $144

Apple iphone 11

Although Apple has released a higher-end iPhone 11 Pro, we’re actually quite fond of the standard iPhone 11 with its multitude of color options, groundbreaking dual-camera array, 60fps 4K video capabilities, IPX8 water-resistance rating, ultra-tough display glass, Liquid Retina LCD screen, and the revolutionary A13 Bionic chip powering it all.

Purchase: $699

Apple macbook pro

For 2021, Apple seriously upgraded their folding MacBook laptop lineup — offering up to a monstrous 8-core processor that makes it double the speed of previous iterations. They also have brilliant Retina displays, SSD hard drives, an all-day battery, a refined keyboard, and speeds up to 5.0GHz.

Purchase: $1,299

Astell & kern kann cube portable hi-fi music player

Whereas most folks just use their smartphones to play music when they’re on the go, true audiophiles might be a bit more interested in a standalone device for a better overall experience. And the Astell & Kern Kann Cube blows most others out of the water.

It boasts Dual DAC tech, native DSD, a quad-core CPU (that’s more powerful than some full-sized computers), 128 gigs of built-in memory, and a beautiful touchscreen display. If you want hi-fi music on the go, this is the device to make that dream a reality.

Purchase: $1,499


Though they’ve given us a tremendous amount of connectivity at our fingertips, modern smartphones are often more of a distraction than anything else. If you find yourself pining for simpler times, but you still want a modicum of new tech — like calls, texting, GPS, music and podcast streaming, and the ability to function as a hot spot — then you’ll like the BoringPhone.

Purchase: $315

Bose noise-masking sleepbuds

Despite their appearance, these are not wireless earbuds — at least not in the traditional sense. Rather, these are designed to be worn to help you sleep. And they manage that by offering a suite of noise-masking sounds to drown out the world around you and help lull you into dreamland. They also function for 8-hours per charge, are comfortable for all-night wear, and have a charging case.

Purchase: $250

Bose portable home speaker

It should come as no surprise that Bose, a top name in the audio industry, nailed it with their attempt at a portable Bluetooth speaker. Their Portable Home Speaker boasts 12 hours of battery per charge, solid 360-degree sound with surprisingly booming bass, a water-resistant exterior, voice and app control, and a good deal more.

Purchase: $350

Corsair nightsword gaming mouse

Whether you’re a PC gamer or you just like precision control over what you’re doing, a solid mouse can make all the difference. Well, this one will let you fine-tune it on-the-fly for the ultimate performance. It’s also comfortable and ergonomic, is fully-programmable (all 10 buttons), and even has customizable RGB onboard lighting.

Purchase: $80

Dji mavic air drone

DJI has undoubtedly solidified itself as the premier consumer drone manufacturer, with a wide range of options for just about every budget. But we’re particularly fond of their Mavic Air drone for its unique combination of capability and compactness.

This drone is small enough when folded down that it could feasibly fit into a jacket pocket. But it also boasts an HD camera that can shoot 4k UHD footage or 120 fps slow-motion, a 21-minute flight time, 8 gigs of internal storage, and even autopilot.

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Purchase: $919

Dji osmo mobile 3 smartphone gimbal

With the way that technology has skyrocketed in availability and quality, more and more filmmakers are relying on mobile devices rather than traditional cameras for their shooting. If you fit into that group, then this device is for you.

Purchase: $119

Doogee s90 modular rugged smartphone

While Apple is keen to brag about the fact that new iPhone models are more water-resistant than ever, DOOGEE has been making ultra-tough phones that put those brags to shame. One of their best offerings is the S90 — a supremely tough, mil-spec smartphone with loads of modern technology built-right-into it.

On top of its IP68 water- and dust-resistant rating, it also has 6GB of RAM, a massive 5050mAh battery, 128GB of storage that can be expanded with an additional 256GB courtesy of an SD card, and much more. And on top of all that, it’s also offered with a number of modular attachments — like a night vision camera, walkie talkie, and more.

Purchase: $280

Dyson lightcycle 60-year lamp

As you can probably ascertain from its nomenclature, this desk lamp is meant to last you pretty much for the rest of your life. It also features a smart LED that auto-adjusts depending on the ambient light in the room, an age-adaptive system that will alter how it operates as you age, and a special “heatpipe” system that allows the bulb to last for up to 60 years without the need for a replacement.

Purchase: $600

Elemental beverage snapchiller

Certainly to be considered the ultimate in unnecessary luxury, the Elemental Beverage Snapchiller utilizes advanced thermodynamics to transform hot and/or fresh beverages into ice-cold drinks on-demand. In merely a minute, it can drop the temperature of a hot, 180-degree coffee down to below 50 degrees and can even cool it further down to below-freezing. And it won’t dilute the flavor like ice might.

Purchase: $6,000

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Garmin gpsmap 66i gps communicator

Combining the convenience of a handheld with the capability of a full suite of navigational tools and communication devices, the Garmin GPSMAP 66i is a powerhouse for outdoorsmen that’s small enough to easily fit into a pocket or hiking backpack. It has GPS and GNSS support with full-color TOPO maps, the ability to function as a satellite communicator, IPX7 dirt- and water-resistance, and up to 200 hours of battery life.

Purchase: $600

Garmin overlander gps system

If your off-grid adventures typically happen behind the wheel of a 4×4 SUV, then you might want to look into picking up Garmin’s Overlander GPS system. This tablet-sized device is actually an ultra-tough and ultra-capable navigation device that can swap between GPS and topographic mapping at the push of a button, a suite of onboard sensors (altimeter, barometer, and even a pitch and roll detector), compatibility with the brand’s inReach satellite communicator, and even WiFi connectivity.

Purchase: $700

Google stadia game streaming service

In an effort to change the way gaming works forever, Google has announced a revolutionary service they’ve called Stadia which, essentially, is like Netflix for video games. That means you don’t have a console in your home — instead gaining access to remote servers for all your processing needs.

Purchase: $129

Gopro hero7 black action camera

Unsurprisingly, GoPro’s dedication to their craft has kept them, for years, on top of the action camera throne. And if you’re curious as to why just look at their range-topping HERO7 Black. This camera boasts the ability to capture 4K60 Video and 12MP photos, is loaded with photo and video modes (like Time Warp Video, HDR Super Photo, and more), and has onboard stabilization. And that’s just the start.

Purchase: $320

Hasselblad x1d ii 50c camera

For most folks, investing in a Hasselblad camera of any kind is a pipe dream due to their normally-absurd high prices. But the company seems to be getting a bit more consumer-friendly with their offerings — starting with the medium-format X1D II 50C camera you see here.

Sure, nearly $6k is still a hefty price, but it’s a severe drop from its brethren and it still offers a tremendous number of impressive features even professional photographers will drool over. Perhaps the best of those functions is simple iPad Pro integration — which allows for a nearly-seamless workflow between shooting and editing.

Purchase: $5,750

Hp pen

In our increasingly electronic world, it seems like we’ve drifted a bit from the speediness and convenience of hand-written notes, drawings, and more. But you can get a pretty solid digital alternative with the HP pen — a smart device that lets you scrawl at your leisure on your tablet, smartphone, or whatever other touchscreen devices you use. With precision akin to pen-on-paper, it’s almost like the real thing.

Purchase: $50

Htc vive pro vr headset

One of the absolute best consumer virtual reality headsets on the market — and one that’s backed by a major manufacturer, no less — the Vive Pro boasts high-resolution AMOLED screens with a 2880 x 1600 resolution, a comfortable and light design perfect for extended periods of wear, hi-res spacial 3D audio, and — probably best of all — Steam compatibility.

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Purchase: $799

Human wireless over-ear smart headphones

Combining the comfort and sound quality of over-ear headphones with the convenience and portability of true-wireless earbuds, these are some of the most unique music-playing devices currently on the market. But that’s not all they can do; they’re also equipped with live-translation technology — even for groups of people — and they can transform into speakers for shared listening. And that’s just the start of what makes these great.

Purchase: $259

Ikea symfonisk table lamp speaker

You might not think it, but the Scandinavians behind IKEA have been quietly innovating in some pretty brilliant ways lately. One of their best creations in that regard has to be their Symfonisk table lamp-speaker hybrid. A handsome piece of furniture, it can illuminate any room with soft, adjustable light but also offers music streaming courtesy of a Sonos onboard speaker — which you control via the Sonos app on your smartphone.

Purchase: $179

Insta360 go action camera

If you find yourself going on a lot of adventures you want to remember, you might want to invest in a camera to record those adventures. But if you want to capture them in an unforgettable way, a 360-degree action camera, like the Insta360 GO, is going to be your best friend and favorite tool.

Purchase: $200

Lacie rugged ssd pro

LaCie was already the top name in ruggedized portable hard drives. But if there was any question as to their dominance, it’s been settled with the SSD Pro. Available in either 1TB or 2TB of storage, this game-changing SSD is the ultimate storage solution for any and all photographers, videographers, and adventurers. Of course, if you’re just prone to dropping your gear, it’s also perfect for you.

Purchase: $420

Marshall acton ii wireless smart speaker

Take Marshall’s signature amplifier styling; mix in WiFi, Bluetooth, Amazon Alexa compatibility, and more; and sprinkle in some top-notch audio quality and you’ve got an idea of what you’re getting out of the brand’s Action II wireless smart speaker.

Purchase: $280

Mecarmy x7s edc capsule kit

One of the bigger tenets of everyday carry is making sure you maximize your capabilities while minimizing your carry bulk and weight. And the MecArmy X7S is perfect for that because it combines a storage capsule (for things like aspirin pills), an LED flashlight, and a lighter. Part EDC wonder and part survival tool, this pocket-sized kit is top-notch.

Purchase: $100

Mophie power boost xxl external battery

One of the best products from one of the most trusted names in portable power, this universal battery pack can juice up your smartphone a whopping 8x times courtesy of its gargantuan 20,800mAh onboard battery. It also has dual USB ports for simultaneous charging and is still small enough to stick in your pocket with ease.

Purchase: $40

Nomad ultra rugged lightning battery cable

Everybody needs a cable to keep their electronics juiced up. But if you’re a frequent traveler, this offering from Nomad is going to blow those standard-issue cables out of the water. That’s because it has its own built-in 2,350mAh battery, a Kevlar core and ballistic nylon exterior, a 5-foot length, and so much more. Plus it’s Apple MFi certified.

Purchase: $50

Ocean guardian boat01 shark deterrent buoy

Though this device is, admittedly, a bit niche, it’s still extremely cool, useful, and will help give anyone who spends time out on the ocean peace of mind. That’s because this electronic buoy is actually a non-lethal shark deterrent — using ultrasonic waves to create a 26′ barrier that wards off the ocean’s fiercest predators.

Purchase: $3,499

Oculus quest all-in-one vr headset

One of the bigger downsides to most VR headsets is that they require either to be tethered to a computer or console or you have to use your smartphone as the display. The Oculus Quest, by contrast, is a fully standalone device without any wires at all.

Available in either 64GB or 128GB, this is a relatively compact system that allows for fully-immersive virtual reality gaming and entertainment anywhere. It even comes in a bundle with its own controllers, so you don’t even need to purchase separate accessories.

Purchase: $399

Optoma cinemax p1 short throw projector

If you have a wall that’s big enough, a short-throw projector might be a better investment than a television. And they don’t get much better than the Optoma CinemaX P1 — which boasts a 3,000-lumen output, 4K ultra HD image output, a projection size of up to a whopping 120 inches, an integrated Dolby soundbar, and simple alignment that can be managed by your smartphone. It’s not a television in the traditional sense, but that might be a very good thing in this case.

Purchase: $3,300

Panic playdate handheld gaming device

If you think this device looks an awful lot like a Game Boy, you’d be spot on. But it doesn’t function quite like one. That’s because this WiFi-enabled portable gaming console actually downloads games from the internet. And the games are pretty killer, as well, from the creators of franchises like Firewatch and Katamari Damacy. Best of all, they’re included with the price of the device.

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Purchase: $149

Pico unpak’d picostill bundle

For all you homebrewers who have ever wanted to try distilling your own spirits, we present this handy tabletop bundle. Included is everything you need to make your own whiskey, bourbon, rum, etc. all from the comfort of your own home. You can also use it to make cocktail bitters, essential oils, and even hop oil — amongst a slew of other things. Of course, you can also use it to brew your own beer in-between batches of whiskey.

Purchase: $772

Scubapro galileo hud dive computer

If you’re going to go scuba diving, you could get a wrist-mounted computer. But then, every time you want to glance at your metrics, you’ll have to free your hand and take a gander. Of course, there’s another option: the hands-free Scubapro Galileo HUD.

Purchase: $1,699

Sennheiser ie 80 s bt wireless earbuds

Sennheiser is well known in the audio world for crafting top-tier headphones — especially in the recording industry. And they’ve pared that same expertise into their more portable and wireless IE 80 S BT earbuds. Boasting the same high-quality sound you’d expect, these are hi-fi headphones without the tether of a cable — they even have aptX codec support.

Purchase: $500

Sevenhugs smart remote

Most folks have a lot of wireless tech in their homes nowadays. And, unfortunately, that means a lot of remote controls to get them all to work. Of course, you could also consolidate all of them into the Sevenhugs Smart Remote — an intuitive, handsome, and easy-to-use device.

Purchase: $200

Snap spectacles 3 smart glasses

Several years ago, the folks behind Snapchat developed their Snap Spectacles to give a boost to folks on their social networking app. Now, their 3rd iteration is finally out and they’re by far the best edition yet. A good deal more stylish than the originals, these ones boast dual HD cameras to capture your adventures in 3D, a lightweight and durable stainless steel frame, and they come in a leather case for handy and secure storage and portability.

Purchase: $380

Sony playstation 4 pro

With over 100 million units sold, Sony’s PlayStation 4 is winning the console war by a wide margin. That’s thanks, at least in part, to the company’s long list of excellent exclusive title — like God of War, The Last of Us, Horizon:

Zero Dawn, and many more. But this device also has the capability of acting as your entertainment hub, with access to streaming apps, social networking, and plenty more. And since the PS5 is still well over the horizon, the 1TB PS4 Pro is your best bet.

Purchase: $362

Suunto 5 all black smartwatch

Renowned for their sport-focused smartwatches, Suunto did not skimp on their 5 All Black offering — boasting 24/7 activity tracking, advanced fitness metrics, over 80 sport modes, onboard GPS, and an impressive battery life with intelligent battery modes. Basically, whatever kind of athlete you are, this watch has the potential to become your favorite piece of gear.

Purchase: $329

Traxxas trx-4 sport rc 4×4

Traxxas makes some of the coolest remote-controlled cars on the planet. And while their ready-to-drive offerings are more than enough for most, tinkerers and DIY enthusiasts will be enthralled by their TRX-4 Sport kit — which comes disassembled (including the electronic bits) so you can put the whole thing together on your own. Better still, the body panels are all clear so you can admire your hard work while your truck crawls over the terrain.

Purchase: $280

Western digital wd_black gaming hard drive

Data has quickly become one of the world’s top commodities, and the world of gaming is no exception. After all, more and more games are going digital — meaning you’re going to need a lot more storage to keep them all in your library. Well, that’s why Western Digital made a series of gaming-specific external hard drives for your PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and more. Ranging from 2TB up to a whopping 12TB, this is about as good as it gets.

Purchase: $90

Whistle go explore gps pet tracker

If you like to hit the trails with your dog at your side, investing in something like the Whistle Go Explore is definitely a good idea. Using GPS, this device attaches to Fido’s collar and can let you know his or her exact location at all times. It’s also IPX8 waterproof, has a built-in nightlight, 20-days of battery life, and more.

Purchase: $130

Nintendo switch lite handheld console

After a couple of less-than-stellar releases, Nintendo looks to have righted the ship with their latest console, the Switch. And now they’ve released a new handheld version perfect for gaming on-the-go. It’s thinner and has a longer battery life than its older brother, but still has the same next-gen performance and can play almost all the same games.

Purchase: $200

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