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26 cool camping gadgets to pack on your imminent escape into nature

I have never understood those who love a minimalist camping trip. “Just me, my knife, and my canteen.” That’s really nice for you, but with all due respect, screw that. Now, I’m not saying you ought to bring two power generators, three portable air conditioners, and all your tablets. Camping is still a chance to hang out in nature—to be adventurous, and also serene. But some extra lights, better cooking materials, comfortable chairs, and a dependable speaker have only, in my experience, made camping a hell of a lot more fun.

Because the most important thing with camping is planning ahead, we’re giving you some options now so that whenever you’re able to book a campsite and escape into the wild, you’ll be ready. If your tent is a few yards away from the parking lot, go big and heavy-duty. If you are planning a four-to-seven mile hike to the campsite, choose lightweight items to round out the rucksack. All the coolest camping gear and gadgets—to help you become one with nature, while still being comfortable—are here.

2 Person Tent & Waterproof Rain Fly

Poler has been a favorite of mine forever, because in addition to making sturdy products, it makes trendy ones, tapping into really fun color schemes and design philosophies that put it ahead of more traditional camping brands. Style matched with utility, Poler’s two-person tents are lightweight, easy to set up, and wildly weatherproof. The colors are cool too, and as a vain person, I believe the tent must look good for the sake of the campsite’s vibe. That makes me sound like a glamper, which, like, yea kinda, but not all the way. This tent is plenty spacious for a pretty affordable $250.

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EcoTrek GDI-EXTRK210 Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

This is a big speaker—not ideal for a long journey on foot. But if this is one of those chill, hang-out camping trips, get the EcoTrek. It’s got booming sound, good battery life, and a charging port. If your camping trip has any water activities, it’s waterproof and even floats. And as you can see, this thing has a million buttons, so it’s gotta be cool, right? Rest assured it has a million buttons because it does a million things, including receive AM/FM, in case you prefer talk radio or a shitty Bluetooth connection is pissing you off. Oh, and it also has two cup holders.

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Camps gadgets на алиэкспресс — купить онлайн по выгодной цене

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