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Best tech & gadget upgrades in Watch Dogs: Legion | Rock Paper Shotgun Гаджет

Deep Profiler

The Deep Profiler is a pricey upgrade to get, but it’s probably one of the first upgrades you’re going to want to unlock when you have enough Tech Points. Chances are you’re going to find many Londoners with a strong anti-DedSec outlook… and at some point, you’re going to need to recruit them.

The Deep Profiler allows you to better understand what motivates the likes of Albion security guards, policemen and women and pedestrians you may have accidentally caused some collateral damage to in your anti-establishment rampages.

Tapping deeper into their life allows you to learn their schedule, discover who else you can recruit to make your target more sympathetic to your cause, and so on. This upgrade is integral to Ubisoft’s whole ‘Play as Anyone’ mechanic – and the game at large – so it makes sense to unlock it ASAP.

AR Cloak

If you’re a player that prefers going in stealthy over using brute force, this one is for you. Using this as your gadget lets you slip on a virtual invisibility cloak and bypass security cameras or guards during missions or free roam.

Upgrades (coming in at 20 Tech Points the first time and 25 Tech Points the second time) basically improve the stealth utility of the AR Cloak. The first upgrade elongates the time you can be cloaked if you’re moving slowly, and the second extends the range you can perform a takedown whilst in stealth. If you’re a proper operative, you’ll unlock these before anything else.

AR Shroud

Similarly to the AR Cloak, the AR Shroud is a friend to those seeking a more clandestine approach to Legion’s open world. This upgrade – which sets you back a paltry 15 Tech Points – automatically disguises bodies you knock out, meaning they cannot be discovered by their allies for a while.

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If you’re keen on sneaking through Albion strongholds or Clan Kelley dens without being sniffed out, this is a handy tool to have in your arsenal. What’s better is that the Gadget will also work on enemies you take down at range – say, with a silenced stun pistol – so even if you don’t choke someone out, you can still make sure their unconscious body isn’t discovered prematurely.

LTL 68P DedSec Pistol

Though a lot of your recruits will come armed with their own guns (for some reason, in London…), a lot of them will simply have tech skills or access to a vehicle. In that case, you’re going to want to make sure the LTL 68P DedSec Pistol is available to them.

In later missions – and in situations where stealth becomes impossible – this is an essential upgrade, and we recommend getting the silencer attachment as soon as possible to ensure you get yourself in as little trouble as you can… especially if you have permadeath turned on.

Attract Hack

Ever wanted to break into a police station, but found there’s one pesky guard out front that just won’t budge from his station? He’s too exposed to take down quietly, and you don’t want to give away your position by firing on him. What do you do?

Well, there’s always the option of hacking the generator nearby, causing it to malfunction audibly, and offer a distraction. The stalwart guard leaves his post to check it out and – bam! An (apparently) non-lethal explosion renders him unconscious, allowing you to sneak into the door he was guarding, unseen. Bond’s got nothing on you.

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Disrupt hack

For just 15 Tech Points, you’ll be able to distract and disrupt enemies in all situations, be it in the heat of battle or as a sneaky way to free a distressed citizen. It’ll give them a sudden headache and stop them from taking action, allowing you to escape from a single enemy or buy you a bit of time in combat.

Gravity well

Gravity Well10 Activity Tokens, 1 Tech Parts

Creates a Gravity Well that pulls enemies together, knocking them down and making them vulnerable to Venom attacks.

Increased Capacity8 Activity TokensIncreases the max Gravity Well ammo capacity by 1.
Gravity Disarm10 Activity TokensDisarms enemies affected by a Gravity Well.
Gravity Boost12 Activity Tokens, 1 Tech PartsGravity Well becomes strong enough to affect large enemies.
Gravity ReachNew GameIncreases the Gravity Well’s area of effect.

While it’s tempting to stick to melee combos and Miles’s bio-electric Venom attacks, make sure you use gadgets often as they can be a huge help in disorientating enemies and buying yourself some time. They all have their own uses though we found the Gravity Well to be a favourite, able to suck in entire groups of nearby foes, leaving them perfectly exposed to a Venom punch or slam follow-up.


Tough Drone8 Activity TokensIncreases the damage done by a Holo-Drone.
Increased Capacity10 Activity TokensIncreases the max Holo-Drone ammob capacity by 1.
Battery Life12 Activity Tokens, 1 Tech PartsIncreases the amount of time that a Holo-Drone stays active.
Fatal ExceptionNew GameHolo-Drone explodes when it deactivates, knocking enemies back.
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Remote mine

Live Wire8 Activity TokensIncreases the Remote Mine’s knockout capacity when attached to a fuse box from 3 to 4 enemies.
Increased Capacity10 Activity TokensIncreases the max Remote Mine ammo capacity by 1.
Raw Energy12 Activity Tokens, 1 Tech PartsIncreases the damage of Remote Mines.
Venom RechargerNew GameGain Venom when standing in a Remote Mine’s area of effect as it explodes.

Shopozz морем

До 20 кг — на почтовое отделение;От 20 до 30 кг — EMS доставка до двери;

«Shopozz Морем» — это доставка до Вашего почтового отделения. Данным способом можно доставить товары, недоступные для авиа-пересылки. К таким товарам относятся: духи, лакокрасочные материалы, литиевые батареи, аэрозоли и все товары, находящиеся под давлением. Надежный способ доставки, но достаточно медленный.

Skin mesh

Skin Mesh costs 45 Tech Points, but reduces all damage received by your operatives. It feels bad to have operatives die in combat and be lost forever to permadeath, but Skin Mesh makes them significantly more tanky and able to survive for far longer. It’s nothing fancy, but it’ll get the job done.


Increased Capacity???Increases max Web-Shooter ammo capacity by 2.
Improved Recharger Time10 Activity TokensWeb-Shooter ammo refills faster.
Web Bomb12 Activity Tokens, 1 Tech Parts

Webbing a Venom Stunned enemy to the ground or wall turns the enemy into a web bomb that explodes, webbing nearby enemies.

Increased Capacity 2New GameIncreases max Web-Shooter ammo capacity by 2.
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