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Eco friendly outdoor gadget charging devices - Ecofriend Гаджет

Green gifts & gadgets

Gifting green can also be very fitting regardless of the recipient. Many of us are working towards a common goal to leave the planet better than the one we inherited. So for the next occasion, any one of these products can be a fitting gift for those in your life , whether it be your mom, dad, brother, sister, husband, wife, who are looking to lead more green lives.

Providing someone with the means to better themselves can be incredibly meaningful. With such unique items to choose from, it’ll be very difficult to miss the mark. Every item is capable of providing an eco-friendly solution to modern issues that will help those you love lead better lives in a sustainable way.

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Eco friendly outdoor gadget charging devices — ecofriend

Being outdoors can be entertaining and fun most of the times, but there can be negative aspects of being outdoor as well. If you are a gadget freak and use them all the times, you can be at loss when their battery gets drained out and you have no option of charging them. In these situations you can use the eco friendly gadget charging devices for juicing up your gadgets even when out in the open.

Solar Powered Bubble Tower
Eco friendly outdoor gadget charging devices - Ecofriend

The bubble tower gets its power from the sun and the structure captures the solar energy during the daytime and stores the energy in the battery it contains.The tower can produce bubble cloud and the bubbles can be of different shapes and sizes. People under the tower can dance under the bubble tower with bubbles of varying size and shapes surrounding them. The tower operates in a very quite manner since it has no external machinery and does not uses any generator. It can especially be used in certain music events like concerts, parties etc.

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Solar Dok
Eco friendly outdoor gadget charging devices - Ecofriend

Your gadget can run out of a battery when you are having a picnic at a faraway place where no grid energy is present. The Solar Dok can fulfill your gadget charging needs in such situations. Solar Dok can obtain it’s energy through the photovoltaic cells that are placed on the upper part of its umbrella. You can plug in the gadget you wish to your cellphone or laptop and the Solar Dok can provide you the necessary juice. Solar Dok is manufactured using recycled material which can make it a off grid and completely green solution for charging your gadgets.

Strawberry Tree
Eco friendly outdoor gadget charging devices - Ecofriend

You can charge your MP3’s, cameras and cell phones at the Strawberry Tree. This innovative, simple and practical device was conceptualized by Strawberry Energy, a business group of student entrepreneurs. The tree obtains the solar energy for charging the gadgets with the help of solar panels. These solar panels are integrated with the booth and are held at the top of the roof area. They have been provided an optimum angle to harness solar energy.

Kuaray Solar Charger
Eco friendly outdoor gadget charging devices - Ecofriend

The Kuaray solar energy charger has been conceptualized by Ruben Freire who is an industrial designer by profession. Kuaray can provide the portable electronic devices a solar energy charger and a case as well. When the device is exposed to sunlight, then it can produce electric energy by using the solar energy that gets entrapped by the solar panels. The electric energy gets stored in the Li ion battery. By using specific cables you can charge different kinds of gadgets. You can use Kuaray both inside and outside your home. The device can be given optimum exposure to sunlight by sticking it to the windows by using the sunction cups or by positioning it under direct sun rays.

MIT Soft rockers
Eco friendly outdoor gadget charging devices - Ecofriend

MIT Soft Rockers have been conceptualized and designed by Sheila Kennedy who is a professor of architecture at MIT. They can be termed as interactive solar charging stations and have 1.5 axis 35 watt solar tracking system. Soft rockers can store the solar energy during the day when the sun rays fall on it. The energy is stored in the 12 ampere hour battery which soft rockers contains. While you are on the loop you can charge you gadgets including speakers, cell phones, USB devices etc.

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The Volta Solar Charger
Eco friendly outdoor gadget charging devices - Ecofriend

The Volta solar charger has been designed by Colin Murphy and the charger is durable, lightweight and can be designed for the outdoor lifestyle, which can be rugged and versatile. The portable charging unit can be used to charge your gadgets outdoors. By using the fold down panels of photovoltaic cells, the Volta can harness optimal amount of solar energy gathering in the batteries it contains. The panels can rotate to a greater extent as more than 90 degree hinge has been provided to them.

Orange REcharge pod
Eco friendly outdoor gadget charging devices - Ecofriend

This free standing mobile phone charging station has been built by Orange and can be used for charging the cell phones when you are outdoors. The station has got a height of around 7 meters. The Orange REcharge pod can use two renewable sources for energy production which include wind and sun light. It can charge around 100 mobiles in an hour.

Ray Solar Powered Charger
Eco friendly outdoor gadget charging devices - Ecofriend

You can use the ray solar powered charger when you are at such a place where you cannot charge your gadget by using electricity. You can direct more sunlight towards Ray by tilting the device by using the stand and by using the sunction cup that the device has been provided with.You can easily attach the solar panels to your glass window by using the suction cup. The USB ports can be used for charging a gadget in an easier way.

Solar rocking recliner
Eco friendly outdoor gadget charging devices - Ecofriend

The rolling solar recliner has been designed by the Micahel Jantzen. The solar recliner has been provided with a solar panel, a privacy screen and three positions for special back rests. You can also move the recliner from your deck to other places as it has been provided with wheels. The solar panel that is provided on the top of the recliner can be used to charge a laptop or a mini fan.

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Sunny Flower
Eco friendly outdoor gadget charging devices - Ecofriend

The sunny flower design has been given by Chinese designer, Fandi Meng. This personal gadget charging device can be used to charge your gadgets especially when you are on move. The device can help you to lower your carbon foot print level as well. The charger can use the solar energy for charging your gadgets like mobile phone or mp3 players.The sunny flower has a storage battery and a solar panel, which can stick on the glass surfaces.

Eco-friendly shopping

In 2020, eco-friendly trends have emerged as we strive to become smarter and more conscientious consumers. The last few years have been quite eye-opening to the true dangers of a changing climate, and we have watched the impacts we’ve had on our planet, from the dramatic ice losses in Greenland to the raging bushfires in Australia.

It can be quite daunting to consider the amount of effort that is necessary to undo some of the impacts we have made, but it becomes an admirable goal to pitch in and for us to each do our part to improve our planet. Shopping can have quite an impact on the environment; production within itself can be a toxic process, fast fashion and mass manufacturing inevitably lead to all of waste that fills up landfills and alters ecology.

One way to commit to reducing your own carbon footprint is to invest in items that will last a long time, and items that will also reduce the waste you produce. At It’s NERD we have curated a collection of innovative items that can help you do just that.

Our collection has items that can help you implement little changes in your day-to-day life, that can and will have a positive impact on the world. Each item in our collection is also unique, and especially created to be enjoyed by the few and not the many. 

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