GADGETPAGE — Новостной портал о гаджетах

GADGETPAGE - Новостной портал о гаджетах Гаджет

Flikr rubbing alcohol flame lamp

As we advance in technology, we’re seeing LED in more places than we can keep track. Bucking the trend, FLIKR is a lamp that actually delivers a real flame. And not only does it do that, but its fuel source is a common household item: rubbing alcohol.

Any person on your list will instantly love its rustic nature. But it’s also built to be functional. When full, FLIKR will burn for a solid 50 minutes. It’s safe and small enough for use indoors, but it can also be used outside, too. You’ll be putting yourself in a very good position for getting some indoor smores at your friend’s house if you buy them this lamp.

Gadgetpage — новостной портал о гаджетах

Пока всё внимание приковано к презентации Apple, на которой она представила новые iPhone, iPad и Apple Watch, южнокорейская компания Samsung без лишнего шума анонсировала свой новый смартфон начального уровня, который стал частью серии Galaxy M. Новинка, получившая название Samsung Galaxy M22,


Во вторник, 14 сентября, как и планировалось, компания Apple провела свою масштабную осеннюю презентацию. Главной темой мероприятия, конечно же, стало новое поколение iPhone. В серию iPhone 13 вошли четыре модели: iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro и iPhone 13 Pro Max. Как мы уже сообщали

Ijoou personal pocket therapist

Have a friend on your list who loves all things essential oils and holistic but is also into technology? iJoou can be their personal pocket therapist. Relying on ancient technology, this device brings modern technology into the mix. Called Moxibustion, this healing method is a form of acupuncture.

Nanoleaf canvas interactive ambient light

Lights are one area that we, the consumer, use as a participant. While we can control them with Bluetooth, it’s not something we can interact with. Until now. The Nanoleaf Canvas is a collection of interactive ambient lights. Each one of the panels in this set can respond to touch for total control.

The panels can be arranged in any number of shapes or designs. And, because they come in squares, they create a delightful pixellated aesthetic. From a reading room nook light to a display in the living room, anyone would absolutely love to have these lights in their home, making it a well-rounded gift for anyone.

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Netgear meural canvas ii digital frame

If you were thinking about getting someone a piece of artwork, scratch that idea entirely. Instead, go for the Netgear Meural Canvas II. This digital frame gives you access to seemingly endless works of art that your recipient can display on their wall.

When they want to change things, all they have to do is open the app and pick a new one. And with voice control technology, they can simply request new artwork to be swapped out whenever they want. Or if they’re really creative, they can display their own work. Pairing with this clever technology is a wooden frame that looks fabulous anywhere it’s hung.

Ora major constellation watch

Have a space nerd on your list who seems to have everything geeky? We’ll bet they don’t have this watch. Truly unique yet practical and functional, the Ora Major Constellation Watch pays homage to the ways of the stars. Just like astronomers, this watch moves the constellations on the watch face as time ticks by and they serve as the watch hands.

One is red and one is white so the wearer will never be confused. It may take some getting used to, but that’s all part of the fun of this gift. Designed to inspire and encourage, the two hands rest in front of an all-black watch face to represent the vast blackness of the sky.

Phonesoap 3 uv phone sanitizer

Look at your smartphone. Whether it’s the latest iPhone or the original iPhone, they have one thing in common: germs. Our devices are so enveloped in germs because we touch them, along with plenty of other surfaces, all day every day. For the number of hand sanitizer stations we have, it’s alarming we don’t treat our devices as well as we do our hands.

But the PhoneSoap 3 offers powerful UV sanitation for smartphones. In fact, it effectively kills 99.99% of phone bacteria. While you’re buying this for the person who has everything, you might as well get it for everyone else on your list, too. And yourself. Because your phone is gross.

Raspberry pi 4 miniature single board computer

If you’ve got more of a geek and less of a nerd on your list, perhaps instead consider the Raspberry Pi 4 Miniature Single Board Computer. Exceptionally small, only the true geeks will know what it is at first glance. In fact, this mini computer features a total of four USB ports and even allows for up to 4K displays.

With a choice of 1 GB, 2 GB, or 4 GB of RAM, you can also cater this little device to what the recipient on your list would love most (though you may have to ask them what it all means). It’s perfect for transfers, work, or even bingeing on shows. Plus, its compact size means they can take it just about anywhere.

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Saki automatic pot stirrer

Even the person who already owns all the cool stuff probably doesn’t have one of these. Attaching to a pot, Saki is an automatic pot-stirrer that, you guessed it, stirs food all on its own. Thanks to the unique design of the arms, Saki can stir, churn, mix, and swirl food while the recipient tends to all their other cooking tasks.

It has a one-touch operation with a multitude of settings, making it ideal for just about any dish. And if your recipient thinks you’ve just given them more dishes to wash, you can let them know the detachable stirring arms can go right in the dishwasher for easy cleanup.

Square off neo & swap automated ai board games

Who doesn’t love a classic board game? If you have a board game fan on your list, they’re going to absolutely love the NEO and SWAP board games. Featuring the power of AI, players can play against the smart technology itself for a truly intense game.

NEO features checkers while SWAP includes chess, Halma, checkers, and Connect 4. Impressively, the games are capable of detecting the player’s skill and adjusting their game play accordingly with 30 different skill levels. And if there’s no one around to play with your friend, they can tap into the world of Square Off and test their skills with others all around the world.

Tangent self-balancing shelf clock

There are clocks and then there are clocks. And then there’s the Tangent Shelf Clock. Made of concrete, the clock is actually a seven-inch cylinder that measures four inches wide. And, the face of the clock is the very end of the cylinder but that’s where this clock is truly set apart.

The hands of the Tangent Clock stretch out further than the concrete. As a result, it requires being placed on the edge of a surface, shelf, table, or desk in order to function. Your recipient may look at you with confusion when they pull it out of the box, but Tangent has a solution for that, too. The clock is also self-balancing so all they have to do is set it down.

Thinking nest mindfulness kit

In our fast-moving world, having time to sit and think is imperative. But this is easier said than done. If anyone on your list looks like they could use a little mindfulness, go ahead and grab this kit. The Thinking Nest Kit includes four Thinking Eggs.

Each one features a different organic compound including pine wood, brass metal, lava stone, and howlite stone. Each one has its own benefits, such as howlite having a calming effect or pine improving your mood and boosting energy. Whether the recipient is a hard-working student or an overworked desk jockey, these four eggs will encourage relaxation and calmness.

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Why go for the boring when you can go for the completely original? Trenbader Artlink arrives as a regular, albeit retro-inspired, speaker. But what your gift recipient won’t know is that they can design it to their liking. Thanks to the unique front panel, they can actually paint the speaker.

As a result, it is sure to match their interior space just as they want. And, with something so customizable, you’re gifting an experience as well as a gift. Plus, you don’t need to worry about it not matching their interior; they can simply paint it so it matches or stands out how they want. Not to mention, it’s a powerful speaker in its own right, meaning it ticks all the boxes for form and function.

Vollebak solar charged jacket

Still not satisfied with anything on this list? We are 99.99% they don’t have this jacket. The Vollebak Solar Charged Jacket responds to any light source to add total customization to their outfit. They can use something like a flashlight to draw and design any pattern they can imagine.

Once they’re somewhere dark, their artwork will illuminate. In fact, it’ll glow for a full 12 hours. Or, if they want to be the light of the party, they can simply walk out in the sun to charge the entire jacket for all-day illumination into the night.

While we hope this list was helpful in finding something for every last person on your list, we hope you discovered one of these unique gadgets gifts for yourself, too. From your parents to your neighbor to your friend’s kids, this list has it all. Or does it? Do you have something you’d like to add? Let us know in the comments!

Millo smoothie-specific blender

Have a new mom on your list? Or a health nut? Or someone looking to eat a bit better? There are so many qualified recipients for the Millo. You’ll probably even find a reason to buy it for yourself. This modern blender is complete with a touch interface and an entirely silent motor.

Yes, you’re reading this correctly. It’s a blender that doesn’t make a peep. If that wasn’t convenient enough, smoothie lovers will also love the fact that they can control it via Bluetooth. From across the room. Hands-free. Plus, the blender container doubles as the cup so they can grab and go (or grab and serve).

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