Gadgets interactive exercise

Gadgets interactive exercise Гаджет

Dialogue script

Bob: Freddie, what is that?

Freddie: It is my laptop.

Bob: When did you get your laptop?

Freddie: I got it for my birthday.

Bob: Who got it for you?

Freddie: My parents got it for me.

Bob: How do you use your laptop?

Freddie: First, you have to open it.

Bob: Then what do you do?

Freddie: Then you press the power button.

Bob: That will turn the laptop on?

Freddie: Yes. When it is on, you press the start button. Then you can pick what you want to do next.

Bob: It is a lot like my tablet.

Bob: Do you see my tablet, Freddie?

Freddie: Wow! That’s a cool tablet, Bob!

Bob: I got it for my birthday.

Lisa: I do not want to talk about the laptop.

Freddie: What do you want to do, Lisa?

Lisa: I want to play a game.

Sally: I will play a game with you, Lisa.

Lisa: Let’s go to the game console.

Lisa: This is my favorite game.

Sally: What is it called, Lisa?

Lisa: It’s called Frogger.

Sally: How do you play?

Lisa: You hop the frogs across the road to get the flies.

Sally: This is so much fun, Lisa!

Lisa: I know, it is my favorite game.

Sally: We should play again.

Freddie: We surfed the internet.

Lisa: What did you find?

Freddie: We found a movie to watch on the laptop.

Lisa: What movie are you watching?

Freddie: Frog Days. Do you want to watch?

Sally: I love that movie!

Lisa: Me too!

Sally: Let’s go watch Frog Days on the laptop too.

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Electronic devices

smart phone
game console
power button
web browser
gadgets (electronic devices)

English exercises: modern gadgets in our life

Modern��GadgetsIn Our Life
What gadgets & machines do people use? Match the pictures and the words.
a camera, a sewing machine, a computer, a microwaveoven, a dishwasher, a mobile phone, a TV set, a microwave oven, a mover, a vacuum cleaner, a calculator, a videophone, an alarm clock, a DVD player, a fax machineGadgets interactive exerciseGadgets interactive exerciseGadgets interactive exerciseGadgets interactive exerciseGadgets interactive exerciseGadgets interactive exerciseGadgets interactive exercise

Gadgets interactive exerciseGadgets interactive exerciseGadgets interactive exerciseGadgets interactive exerciseGadgets interactive exerciseGadgets interactive exerciseGadgets interactive exercise

Gadgets interactive exerciseGadgets interactive exerciseGadgets interactive exerciseGadgets interactive exerciseGadgets interactive exerciseGadgets interactive exercise


Choose the right answer

A�vacuum cleanermowerfax machine is used to cut and collect the grass.�An�alarm clockmowermobile phone is used to wake up people and to tell the time. A� is used to take photographs.���� A�calculatordishwasherfax machine is used to wash the dishes.��

A�vacuum cleanermobile phonemower is used to perform everyday cleaning.� A�TV setvideophonemicrowave oven is used to cook and defrost food.� A�fax machinecomputerdishwasher is used to send and receive urgent messages. A�mobile phonecomputercalculator is used to write programs, play games, find information.� A� is used to receive or make calls,Solve the crossword

What things are the teens talking about?

Gadgets online exercise for 5º

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How to use a laptop — adverbs of sequence

First, open the laptop.
Next, press the power button to turn it on.
Then, surf the internet, watch a movie or play a game.
After that, close your web browsers.
Finally, shut down the laptop.
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Lesson story:

Freddie, Bob, Sally, and Lisa are at Freddie’s house. Freddie just had a birthday. He tells the friends that he got a laptop for his birthday from his parents. They talk about how to use the laptop. Bob says he got a tablet from his parents for his last birthday.

Sally and Lisa do not want to talk about the laptop or the tablet. They decide to play a game on the game console. They play a game called Frogger on the game console. Bob and Freddie go on the internet on the laptop. They find a movie to watch. Sally and Lisa finish the game and want to watch the movie on the laptop too.

Listening: four gadgets — passive

An A2 listening activity about some useful inventions. It is also useful to practice the passive. Script, key, audio file link and QR code provided as usual. 🙂

Tablet/laptop actions

type ina password
drag and dropobjects

Verb/noun collocation

open a laptop
press the power button
turn on a laptop
surf the internet
play a game
watch a movie

10 budget-friendly exercise gadgets

Tight budgets are no excuse to let yourself get flabby. Sure, a pricey gym membership may be something you don’t want to spring for right now. And home exercise equipment with all the bells and whistles may be out of the question. Luckily, there are plenty of inexpensive ways to exercise. Some won’t even cost you a thin dime.

WebMD turned to three respected exercise experts: Steven Blair, PhD, at the University of South Carolina, Jennifer Huberty, PhD, at the University of Nebraska, and Andrea Dunn, PhD, at Klein Buendal in Colorado. Here’s what they recommend:

Jump Rope

It may be child’s play, but jumping rope offers an unusually complete workout. It improves aerobic fitness at the same time that it strengthens legs, buttocks, arms, and shoulders. No wonder many boxers, wrestlers, and other athletes use jump ropes to train. Jump ropes are easy to pack. Basic jump rope: under $10.

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Resistance Bands

They’re cheap, portable, and can be used to give virtually every muscle in your body an intense workout. A vigorous workout also burns calories, which can help with weight loss. A good set of bands starts at about $10. Most come with a basic set of instructions.


Having trouble motivating yourself to take a brisk walk every day? Studies show that step counters, or pedometers, help inspire people to be more active. Many versions are available, from basic ones that simply tally up steps to fancier models you can hook up to your computer to keep track of your progress over time. Basic step counter: $20 to $30.

Hand Weights

A pair of hand weights — also known as dumbbells — offers a great upper-body strengthening workout. Another option: use everyday weighted objects you can easily grasp in each hand, such as a water bottle, socks filled with dried beans or sand, or a bag of rice. Basic hand weights: $15.

Yoga Mat

If you do yoga at home, you probably already own one. Even if yoga isn’t your thing, mats still come in handy for doing basic calisthenics such as sit-ups, push-ups, deep knee bends, and other exercises that use body weight — and gravity — to strengthen muscles. Jogging in place or doing jumping jacks add aerobics to your routine and burn calories. (For example, 10 minutes of vigorous jumping jacks burns about 100 calories, assuming a body weight of about 155 pounds.) Yoga mat: $15-$20.

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