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Гаджет DX-Cluster | Тамбовское РО СРР Гаджет


This tool performs descriptive statistics on the curve in the graph window. For more information about calculation, please refer to the algorithm of X-Function stats.


Calculate Outer PointsSpecify whether to compute statistics for points out of the ROI.
Real-time CalculationSpecify whether to show the real-time result in the Cluster Gadget dialog when moving the ROI. When this check box is cleared, A message «Real-time Calculation is off» will be shown on the top of ROI.
Input LegendSpecify whether to output the legend text for the source dataset.
ShapeSpecify whether to output the shape of the ROI.
Data Points InfoThis group is used to specify data points info for output.
Specify whether to output the data points’ indices.
Specify whether to output the data points’ values.
Statistics onThis group is used to specify whether to compute the statistical quantities for X or Y values.
X Value
Specify whether to compute statistical quantities for X coordinate values.
Y Value
Specify whether to compute statistical quantities for Y coordinate values.
Quantities to ComputeThis group is used to specify statistical quantities to compute.
Specify whether to output the number of data points.
Specify whether to output the sum of the data points.
Specify whether to output the mean of the data points.
Specify whether to output the median of the data points.
Specify whether to output the standard deviation of the data points.
Specify whether to output the minimum value (specified by Statistics on) of the data points.
X/Y at Minimum
Specify whether to output the X coordinate (if Statistics on = Y Value)/ Y coordinate (if Statistics on = X Value) of the minimum data point.
Specify whether to output the maximum value (specified by Statistics on) of the data points.
X/Y at Maximum
Specify whether to output the X coordinate (if Statistics on = Y Value)/ Y coordinate (if Statistics on = X Value) of the maximum data points.

Context menu brought up by right-clicking any cell

Right-click on the cells to bring up context menu and select displaying statistic results for which plots

Notes: The plots you manipulating on are controlled by Data menu, not the context menu here.

Context menu brought up by right-clicking any column title

Right-click on any column title to bring up the context menu to specify what kind of statistic results shown here.

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Context menu in lower panel

Results of all the plots in the graph are listed here in rows. Different quantities of statistics results are listed in different columns.

Create categorical value

Create a category with the data points in current ROI and set its value.

Create roi

Use this small dialog to add ROIs of a given shape to the current graph window. If you wish to add multiple ROIs, you will need to click Done when you’ve added the current ROI and initiate drawing a new ROI by clicking the Add New ROI button Region stats addnewroi.png on the Cluster Gadget’s toolbar.

For assistance with creating shapes, see Drawing a Smooth Curve and Drawing 2D Objects.


  1. Create a new worksheet and import the data file Multiple Gaussians.dat, which is located in the folder <Origin Program Folder>SamplesCurve Fitting.
  2. Highlight the entire worksheet and from the main menu, select Plot: Basic 2D: Scatter.
  3. Select Gadgets: Cluster from the Origin menu. Keep the default settings and click OK. A yellow ROI object is added to the plot, the color of the selected scatter points is changed, and the Cluster Gadget opens.
  4. Select Settings: Show Attached Buttons from Cluster Gadget dialog’s menu. A Close button and context menu will be shown in the top right corner of the ROI.
    Region stats graph.png
    Region stats graph2.png
  5. Move the ROI and see how the results change.
  6. Click Mask Data Points button in the Cluster Gadget dialog to mask the data in the source worksheet. You will find that the inner points in the source worksheet have been masked.
    Region stats maskedwks.png

For more instruction in use of the Cluster Gadget, see this tutorial.


The Cluster Gadget performs simple statistics on a ROI (Region of Interest) in a graph. The gadget can also be used to edit, clear, or mask data points. The statistics results are dynamically updated as the ROI object is moved or resized.

With the Cluster gadget, you can:

  • Quickly perform basic statistics on a cluster of data.
  • Easily edit the data points using menu options or buttons.
  • Switch between rectangular or elliptical ROI.
  • View statistics of points inside and outside of the ROI.
  • Output results for inner and outer points to worksheet.
  • The statistics results in the lower panel will display once you move or resize the ROI.
  • Right-click inside the results panel to view context menu to turn on/off data plots to be included in the computation.
  • Operations such as masking and clearing are controlled by buttons in the dialog. The Data menu can be used to determine which data plots will be affected by these buttons.
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Roi fly-out menu

Click the triangle button ROI menu.png beside the top right corner of the ROI to open the fly-out menu. If you do not see the button, you can enable it by doing one of the following:

  • From the main menu choose Gadgets: Cluster. On the ROI Box tab, check the Show Close Button and Context Menu box.
  • If the Cluster Gadget tool is open, click Settings and verify that Show Attached Buttons is checked.

Fly-out menu commands are as follows:

New Statistics Output Select the option to output the results to what are specified in Output To tab of Cluster Manipulation Preferences dialog.
Go to Report Worksheet Go to the results worksheet. It is only available after the report worksheet has been created.
Go to Source Worksheet Go to the worksheet for the selected data points. If the plots come from different worksheets, it will go to the worksheet of the first selected plot.
Output to ClipboardWhen selected (menu item checked) New Output will be placed on the Clipboard.
Change Data Select data plots and ROI or non-ROI.
Select the nth plot in the active layer.
Show Locked Analysis Plot(s)
Determine whether to show locked analysis plot(s) in the fly-out menu.
All Plots
Select all plots listed in the fly-out menu. Note that if locked analysis plots are not shown in the menu, they will not be selected.
Inner Points
Select data points in the ROI. When it is checked, Outer Points will be cleared. And the dialog’s title will be updated to show «Editing Inner Points».
Outer Points
Select data points out of the ROI. When it is checked, Inner Points will be cleared. And the dialog’s title will be updated to show «Editing Outer Points».
Expand to Full Plot Range Expand the ROI range to fit all selected plots.
Expand to Full Layer Width Expand the ROI’s width to the selected layer’s width.
Expand to Full Layer Height Expand the ROI’s height to the selected layer’s height.
Use Circular ROI Box Specify whether to use a circular ROI.
Save Theme Save the current dialog’s setting as a theme, which will open the Theme Save as dialog, and you can specify the theme name in the edit box.
Save as <default> Save the current dialog’s setting as the default theme.
Load Theme Load a theme from its theme list.
Preferences Bring up the Cluster Manipulation Preferences dialog for customizing the gadget.

The gadget dialog’s toolbar buttons

These buttons are used to manipulate data points within ROI range. You can select from Data menu to change working plots. You can also use options in Edit menu to work on data points.

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The preferences dialog settings

This dialog can be opened by

  1. Selecting Gadgets: Cluster from the Origin menu.
  2. Selecting Settings: Preferences from Cluster Gadget dialog’s menu.
  3. Selecting Preferences from the ROI’s fly-out menu.

Multiple ROIs within the same graph window will share Preferences except ROI Box tab settings Fill Color, Shape and Shape Position.

To use cluster gadget

To use the Cluster gadget, select Gadgets: Cluster from the main menu when a graph is active.

Гаджет dx-cluster | тамбовское ро срр

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Если есть необходимость в настройках фильтров, то переходим в настройку самого гаджета. Для этого нажимаем на иконку ключа.  В открывшимся окне выставляем точки напротив требуемых параметров фильтров, тем самым их создавая. Внешний вид окна настроек будет такой:

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Составьте кластер на тему "гаджет". помогите пожалуйста!!!

Составьте кластер на тему «гаджет». Помогите пожалуйста!!!

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