Главный гаджет СССР: что еще умела Электроника ИМ-02, кроме как

Главный гаджет СССР: что еще умела Электроника ИМ-02, кроме как Гаджет

Главный гаджет ссср: что еще умела электроника им-02, кроме как ловить волком яйца

В 1984 году на прилавках советских магазинов появилась электронная игра «Электроника ИМ-02», она же «Ну, погоди!» или «Волк ловит яйца». К началу 90‑х о такой мечтали все дети страны. Многие считают, что это устройство разработали в СССР, но это не так. А вот другие модификации «Электроники» — заслуга отечественных умельцев, пусть ничего сложного в этом и не было.

Gadget-the-wolf — hobbyist, digital artist | deviantart

Steam workshop::gadget the wolf

This dude gives me Ellis vibes, so Ellis he shall replace!

I just couldn’t look at the old one anymore

Woah remember me? Once again I am back to bring yet another cartoony character who doesn’t belong in this game IN THIS GAME! It’s been a while since I’ve come out with anything due to school, life, and actually learning 3D modeling. BUT, I managed to find some free time and made this boy! I’m really surprised I remembered how to do this…

I never really cared about the Sonic series, but I gotta say the custom characters from Forces are pretty cute! I might even make a few more if I have the time. I understand I’m opening Pandora’s Box by making a Sonic-related mod but I just couldn’t resist. This one was quite a challenge because holy mackerel are Sonic characters not meant to hold guns. Not only did I have to do some remodeling on the chest and arms, but I also had to make him some shoulders! That and quite possibly the most painful rigging session I’ve had to date.

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Please let me know of any comments,suggestions, criticisms, concerns, etc.!

-One HEAVILY MODIFIED model of Gadget/Buddy/Rookie/Avatar/Custom Character/Whatever
-Nick’s animations
-Custom proportions: The tiniest character I’ve made to date
-Eye tracking
-Custom item attachments
-Jigglebones on the ears, tail, and head floof
— Custom viewmodel hands (Finally! Some I’m actually proud of!)
— Lobby icon
— HUD icon
-Incap icon



His arms, particularly his shoulders, may look funny at times because the rig for his arms is drastically lowered due to his severe case of I-stick-my-gun-through-my-face syndrome

When incapacitated, he’s almost entirely dug into the ground. The thing that fixes this ruins everything else.

Don’t expect any screenshot-worthy shots when he crouches

Minor weapon clipping due to those big ol’ mits. There was a rigorous rigging process to minimize this.



Most of the credit here goes to VicenticoTD for providing such a wonderful model! If you see this, please let me know if you have an issue with me posting this!

MrFunreal for his UI prefabs

Sega for the model and making the character exist

And me for rigging, UI, animation fixing, remodeling, getting frustrated, making dumb mistakes, getting stuck for extended periods of time, constantly starting over, etc.







Главный гаджет СССР: что еще умела Электроника ИМ-02, кроме как

The Steam Workshop has always been a great place for discovering community-made mods, maps, and items for a variety of games. Starting now with The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, the Workshop is also a great place for community content creators to earn money by selling their greatest works.

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We think this is a great opportunity to help support the incredible creative work being done by mod makers in the Steam Workshop and to encourage more top-quality work. This new feature allows mod authors to choose whether to list their items for a fixed price, for pay-what-you-want, or to make their item available for free. As a customer and fan of Skyrim, you’re able to explore both paid and free mods, quests, and items.

The whole feature is best explained in the full press announcement and on the detailed announcement page and FAQ here: http://www.gadgetmaniac.ru/workshop/aboutpaidcontent

Along with these new options available to mod-creators, we’ve added a few features to support the experience and make everything as easy as possible:

Free, Paid, or Pay What You Want

With over 24,000 free mods available for Skyrim in the Steam Workshop, there will always be lots to do and explore for free. Now you can also find mods with a specified price, or mods where you can choose how much you wish to support the creators. The price is up to the mod creators.When shopping for anything, it’s still important to spend a little time learning about any product you are about to purchase. But, if after purchase you find that a mod is broken or doesn’t work as promised, you can easily get a refund of that mod within 24 hours of your purchase. View the full refund policy here.

Play Skyrim For Free This Weekend

If you’re new to Skyrim and haven’t yet tried it out, now is your chance. Available now through April 26th, Skyrim is free to play. Just visit the Skyrim store page and click the ‘play’ button to download and start playing. If you decide you want to keep the game, it’s also on sale for 75% off regular price!To prepare for this announcement, we’ve asked a few community mod makers to prepare some content for release. Browse Paid Skyrim ModsWhether you’re just getting started or are already a professional artist or developer, now you can make money from your creations in the Steam Workshop.

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Starting with The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, you can make new cosmetic items, custom skins, fancy houses, epic quests, entire new cities, or just a new hat for Lydia. Once you’ve made your creation, you can easily set a price and earn a portion of each sale made through the Steam Workshop.

Plus, many more of your favorite Workshop games will support paid content in the coming weeks. Check out the full announcement and FAQ for more details.

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Перед покупкой сравните цены на гаджет волк, прочитайте реальные отзывы покупателей, ознакомьтесь с техническими характеристиками.

Закажите гаджет волк онлайн с доставкой по России: товары с пометкой Plus доступны с ускоренной доставкой и улучшенными условиями возврата.

На Алиэкспресс гаджет волк всегда в наличии в большом ассортименте: на площадке представлены как надежные мировые бренды, так и перспективные молодые.

Полезные гаджеты волки стены искусство картина нет рамка плакат дом спальня украшать – купить по низким ценам в интернет-магазине joom

Спасибо, что пришли в наш магазин, я надеюсь, что это к вашему удовлетворению

Категория: Живопись
Материал: Холст
Сумма: 1шт
Кадр: Без рамы
Особенность: Волки шаблон, водонепроницаемый, без рамы, Главная Декор
Размер элемента: 30 см х 40 см/11.81 «x 15.75», 40 x 60 см/15.75 «x 23.62» (Около.)

Идеально подходит для гостиной, спальни, Ресторан, гостиница, столовая, кафе, и т.д..

Просьба напомнить:
Только картина Содержит, рама не содержит.
В зависимости от освещения и настроек экрана цвет объекта может немного отличаться от изображения.

Пакет содержит:
1 x живопись (Кадр не содержит)

Тип товара: Картины и постеры

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