Global chip shortage could affect gadget prices in 2022; impact on Samsung folding phones unclear, Tech News News & Top Stories — The Straits Times

Global chip shortage could affect gadget prices in 2022; impact on Samsung folding phones unclear, Tech News News & Top Stories - The Straits Times Гаджет


Similar to the portable stove in Liyue, the NRE – as it’s officially called – or Nutrition-Ready-to-Eat, is made available by raising your Mondstadt reputation level to five.

The NRE is another gadget that actually adds functionality to your game and changes your UI, but thankfully in a more meaningful way than the Kamera. The NRE allows you to press Z (or whichever key/button you choose to bind) and use a food item of your choosing from your inventory – no more opening menus! The NRE can simultaneously be set to choose a revival item to restore the most recently downed party member.

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wind catcher

Like many of the gadgets that follow, the Wind Catcher is made available through reputation rewards, meaning that answering the call of the job board in Mondstadt on a regular basis is all you need to do to earn this one.

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Genshin Impact strongly favors teams with highly mobile characters. Venti, Keqing, and Albedo are by far the most mobile units, but also fairly rare, so the game needed a way to make exploration less restrictive for those without teleporting or flying characters.


This feature-expanding gadget is awarded for completing the «Snapshots» side quest, which begins and ends with the NPC Xu in Liyue Harbor. Find Xu near the lift that takes you to and from the Jade Chamber during the story questline, then take photos of Granny Shan and the Tea Master and return them to Xu.

This gadget is a nice add-on given the limitations of the default camera mode, which can only be used outside of battle and when the character is idle. Right now is a particularly good time to be out snapping pictures. Using the Kamera freezes the action regardless of what your character is doing and hides the UI.

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adepti seeker’s stove

The Adepti Seeker’s Stove is awarded for reaching reputation level five in Liyue.

Although this gadget is given to you before the Portable Waypoint, it’s even more useful, even if only by a small margin. Campfires are strewn all across the Teyvat landscape…at least until you really need one, it seems. The portable stove keeps you from needing to mark down every fire on your map – just bring this one with you. Don’t try to use it for healing in combat, however, doing so will break your stove and you’ll need to forge another.

portable waypoint

The Portable Waypoint is awarded for reaching reputation level six in Liyue.

parametric transformer

The Parametric Transformer is another side quest reward but its usefulness is significant, so go out and do the Tianqu Treasure Trail mission ASAP.

The Parametric Transformer is fueled by elemental energy and trash materials. That’s right, whatever material you’ve inadvertently collected throughout the game, and have been carrying around by the thousands because you don’t have a character that needs that item, the Parametric Transformer is how you make those materials useful again.

Throw in drops of any kind and the Transformer will throw out another material in exchange. The exchange is random, and it only gives two and three-star items, but that’s alright because it will do so independently of what you feed to it, so toss in all of your undesirable loot.

geoculus resonance stone

Just as the Geo Treasure finder is one-half of a pair, this gadget is the twin of the Anemoculus Resonance Stone and is also earned by your Liyue reputation to level two.

The geo stone works just the same as the anemo stone, so what’s the reason for the gap in the usefulness ranking? Although collecting oculi has its own merits and rewards, most players will face a more urgent need to collect every geoculus before they feel the need to chase anemoculi.

geo treasure finder

Like the Anemo Treasure Finder, this reward is earned by reaching reputation level six in Liyue. The Geo Treasure Finder works exactly the same way as its counterpart in Mondstadt, and for that reason, it can be called more or less useful than its sibling item.

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anemo treasure finder

This reward is obtained at reputation level six in Mondstadt, so keep hustling through those chores. It also takes higher quality crafting items, such as gold treasure hoarder coins and philanemo mushrooms, but fortunately, this item isn’t consumable.

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Genshin is positively littered with treasure chests, and considering the paltry trickle of log-in rewards, every player eventually ends up chasing down some treasure chests for enhancement crystals or two more primogems to build a new weapon or character.

anemoculus resonance stone

Another Mondstadt reputation level reward, the Anemoculos Resonance Stone is among the easiest of these gadgets to obtain since it only requires you to reach reputation level two.

The majority of your anemoculi will be found by simply playing the game and exploring Mondstadt, but you’ll undoubtedly miss a few in the seldom-traveled corners of the map. These stones help guide you to those lingering anemoculi but they don’t do all the work for you, you’ll have to craft a new stone for each anemoculi you want to track, so keep your materials in mind.

Global chip shortage could affect gadget prices in 2022; impact on samsung folding phones unclear

SINGAPORE — The global chip shortage is expected to affect the prices and availability of mobile phones and computers, especially next year, according to brands and analysts.

But it is less clear if the component supply issue has affected South Korean electronics giant Samsung’s new foldable phones, which were officially launched here on Friday (Sept 10).

Some consumers who ordered the new Galaxy Z Fold3 and Galaxy Z Flip3 smartphones from Samsung’s online store had their gadget deliveries delayed by a week or more.

Samsung Electronics Singapore attributed this to high local and global demand for the phones. But when asked, it did not address whether the delays were related to stock issues with the phones due to the worldwide chip supply shortage.

Mr Glenn O’Donnell, research director at market research firm Forrester Research, said that chip supply constraints result in higher prices that either need to be absorbed by the manufacturer or are passed on to the consumer.

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«In short-duration disruptions, the prior is possible, but this problem is here for the next two years,» Mr O’Donnell told The Straits Times.

«Thus, prices for smartphones and just about anything else are already rising. We expect these increases to exceed 10 per cent by the year end and rise even more through 2022,» he added.

Major chipmaker Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co, whose clients include brands such as Apple and Qualcomm, was reportedly planning a chip price hike that could cause prices of smartphones and computers to rise next year, financial news outlet Nikkei Asia reported last week.

Apple and Samsung had earlier warned of component shortages that could affect shipments. For example, Apple had said that the constraints would likely impact the iPhone and iPad tablets in the third quarter.

But it was unclear if this would also impact the rumoured iPhone 13 expected to be unveiled on Tuesday (Sept 14).

Still, market research firm TrendForce said that revenue growth in «peripheral services» is expected for Apple. This could mean that the base price of the upcoming iPhone will be «relatively on a par» with last year’s iPhone 12, HardwareZone reported.

Said Forrester’s Mr O’Donnell: «I doubt the chip issues will delay the introduction of iPhone 13, but it will certainly impact availability.»

Phone makers such as Apple and Samsung have also been stocking up on chips, so the phone market could have been partially shielded from the component supply crunch, CNBC reported.

Mr O’Donnell said chip hoarding helps for a time but prolonged shortage makes this practice far less effective.

«Also, brand new product designs usually require brand new chip designs. You can’t hoard chips that don’t yet exist,» the analyst added.

For Samsung’s Fold3 and Flip3, any impact from the chip shortage could also be masked because the phones cost less than previous versions. For instance, last year’s Fold2 sold for nearly $2,900, higher than the Fold3’s $2,400 to $2,500 price tag.

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