Каталог Digital Gadgets 2021: наушники Digital Gadgets, другие аксессуары для iPod, MP3 плееров Digital Gadgets и другая портативная аудио- и видеотехника Digital Gadgets купить из США и Европы

Каталог Digital Gadgets 2021: наушники Digital Gadgets, другие аксессуары для iPod, MP3 плееров Digital Gadgets и другая портативная аудио- и видеотехника Digital Gadgets купить из США и Европы Гаджет

— $12

Wireless speakers are arguably the most popular implementation of Bluetooth technology today, allowing you to take your music virtually anywhere. Most of these speakers won’t easily fit in your pocket, but this one from Momoho is an exception.

Amir clip-on smartphone camera lenses – $16

If you love to take pictures with your phone but find the camera’s capabilities a little bit limiting, then this top tech gadget is for you. The Amir clip-on camera lenses feature sturdy aluminum-and-glass construction. The bundle contains a 180-degree fisheye lens, a 0.

The universal clip-on design works with most popular brands of Android phones as well as the latest Apple iPhones. The Amir smartphone camera lenses come in at under $25 on Amazon. With most smartphones already sporting a high-resolution camera, this awesome attachment is a great piece of EDC gear for any burgeoning photographer — though it’s not that good for selfies.

Anker portable sd card reader — $17

SD and MicroSD cards are a cheap, portable way to move tons of data, but not all computers have slots to accept them, and even laptops that do typically only have one. Plus, if you only have a MicroSD card, then you need an additional adapter to use it with the SD card reader anyway.

Anker powercore 10,000mah power bank — $35

If the palm-sized portable chargers whet your appetite for cool gadgets but you want something with a bit more juice, the Anker PowerCore 10,000 is another excellent pocket-friendly power bank. Its 10,000mAh battery can charge your iPhone multiple times, even though this PowerCore is barely larger in length and width than a credit card.

Like other Anker power banks, this unit also boasts Anker’s proprietary PowerIQ and VoltageBoost technology, which optimizes charging speed for different devices, ensuring that you’re not waiting around too long for your gadgets to recharge. This very practical charger rings in below $40 on Amazon.

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Anker powerdrive speed 2 car usb charger — $33

Another great gadget from Anker isn’t necessarily one you’ll carry in your pocket all day, but it is nonetheless something you don’t want to leave home without: a speedy car charger. The PowerDrive Speed 2 USB charger plugs right into your car’s 12V outlet and features two high-speed USB ports that pump out 30 watts of combined power for juicing up your tech.

Anker’s IQ2 technology allows this handy charger to detect and automatically optimize the power output for compatible devices, letting it power many phones up to 80 percent in about 35 minutes. You can score the PowerDrive Speed 2 car charger for $20 or less.

Digital house gadgets store — магазин на aliexpress. товары со скидками

Panasonic ergofit earbuds — $11

A good pair of earbuds is invaluable if you’re frequently on the move and don’t want to be without your music and other entertainment, and when it comes to in-ear headphones, you can’t beat a classic: The Panasonic ErgoFit earbuds remain one of the best and most popular pairs you can buy, with more than 50,000 Amazon reviews.

Samsung evo select microsd card and adapter — $8

It never hurts to have a bit of extra storage (especially when you’re frequently on the move), and now you can replace those bulky thumb drives with this super-compact MicroSD card from Samsung. The Evo Select MicroSD card offers a lot of space and speed for the money, with 95MB per second read and 20MB-per-second write speeds. It even comes with an SD adapter (or you can use it with the Anker card reader if your computer lacks an SD card slot).

The Samsung Evo Select MicroSD card with SD adapter can be yours from Amazon for under $10 for the 32GB model.

Streamlight 73001 nano keychain flashlight — $6

Many of us have flashlights on our phones, but they aren’t always convenient to use or the best option. This nano torch from Streamlight, one of the best flashlight makers around, is the perfect addition to any keychain. This powerful and compact flashlight is perfect for navigating small, dimly lit spaces or just providing LED light where it’s needed the most.

The Streamlight 73001 keychain flashlight is available for around $5 on Amazon, and makes the perfect night light when you need it most.

Tesla coil usb rechargeable lighter — $17

Need a light? Electric lighters like this one put a whole new spin on old-school designs. Fluid lighters can be messy and can run out of fuel quickly — the famous Zippo, while an all-American classic, is notorious for this — not to mention that lighter fluid and butane canisters are an extra expense.

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The Tesla Coil arc lighter, on the other hand, uses an internal rechargeable battery to project a windproof electric arc that is produced instead of a flame. The design is environmentally friendly and delivers up to 300 lights on a single charge.

When it needs more juice, simply plug it in and power it up via the included USB charging cable. No wicks, flints, fluid, or gases to fuss around with. You can score this unique tech gadget for just $17 from Amazon.

Tile mate item finder 4-pack combo — $50

The one major drawback with cool tiny gadgets these days is that they can easily get lost. If you need some help keeping tabs on the small stuff, Tile Mate item finders are just the ticket. The keychain-sized Tile Mate is a diminutive 1.3 inches long and is just 0.

A single Tile costs around $22, but this four-pack of Tile Mate trackers is available from Amazon for under $60 with free shipping. Also, be sure to take a look at some of the best Bluetooth trackers for more options.

Tophome earbud holder and cord organizer – $5

Earbuds are great to have on you, but having the cable become a tangled mess in your bag or pocket is no fun to deal with (and it always seems to happen no matter how neatly you tuck them away). The Tophome earbud holder and cord organizer, made of thick genuine leather, ensures you never have to deal with that hassle again.

This is the perfect gift for anyone who hates tangled cords, and is currently under $10 from Amazon, so it’s a smart purchase for traveling techies.

Travelambo rfid wallet — $10


A good RFID wallet provides an extra layer of security for the digital age, keeping your credit and ID cards safe from remote readers. You don’t have to sacrifice style for function, however, thanks to the leather Travelambo wallet.

Главные инструменты для digital

Электронная почта с дополнительными сервисами

Многие думают, что электронная почта устарела. Но на самом деле, даже в digital-пространстве это необходимый инструмент. Мессенджеры подходят, когда нужно срочно закрыть задачу, а отправлять документы и фиксировать важные договорённости лучше с помощью почты.

Электронные письма могут быть представлены в качестве доказательств при судебных разбирательствах, так как саботировать переписку в мессенджере легче, чем в почте. Но всё же юристырекомендуют фиксировать адрес почты прямо в договорах.

Что касается Gmail-почты, то кроме стандартных почтовых функций аккаунт предоставляет доступ к сервисам Google, о которых мы уже говорили выше: документам, таблицам, презентациям и формам. Так что лучше джимэйлом всё-таки обзавестись, если вы до сих пор этого не сделали.

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Каталог digital gadgets 2021: наушники digital gadgets, другие аксессуары для ipod, mp3 плееров digital gadgets и другая портативная аудио- и видеотехника digital gadgets купить из сша и европы

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