Когда можно открыть mkv в sony vegas и MKV Not Supported in VEGAS Pro?

Convert MKV to Sony Vegas Formats to Successfully Open MKV in Sony Vegas

Когда можно открыть mkv в sony vegas и MKV Not Supported in VEGAS Pro?

Jul 25, 2015, Posted by Shirley White

Can’t Import MKV into Sony Vegas

Here is the list of Sony Vegas supported input formats:


Sony Vegas doesn’t support MKV as an input format so it is impossible to import MKV files into Sony Vegas directly.

Когда можно открыть mkv в sony vegas и MKV Not Supported in VEGAS Pro?

MKV to Sony Vegas Converter

The common method to open MKV files in Sony Vegas effortlessly is converting MKV to Sony Vegas supported formats (shown as in the second paragraph). Luckily, Faasoft MKV to Sony Vegas Converter is able to complete this task efficiently.

With this great converter, it will not be a problem to open any MKV files in Sony Vegas by converting MKV files that you want to edit in Sony Vegas to Sony Vegas supported formats like AVI, MPEG-2, DV, MP4, etc. Not just MKV, Faasoft MKV to Sony Vegas Converter enables you to convert almost all videos like MP4, MOV, AVI, WMV, FLV, ASF, DivX, Xvid, TOD, MOD, RM, RMVB, DV, etc to Sony Vegas formats to let you import them to SV for editing.

Apart from video, this powerful converter also allows you to convert any audio files to Sony Vegas compatible formats so that you can edit your audio clips in SV, at will.

Step 1 Add MKV file
Either click «Add File» button to import MKV to the program or drag and drop MKV to the converter main interface to load MKV file.

Step 2 Set output format
When your MKV video appears instantly in the task list, click «Profile» drop-down button to select «AVI Audio-Video Interleaved (*.avi)» or other Sony Vegas popular formats as output formats.

Step 3 Finish MKV to SV conversion
After the output format is set, click the big «Convert» button on the lower-right corner of the main window and the MKV file will be converted to a Sony Vegas compatible format in no time at all.

All the Following Issue Solved

«So, I wanted to work with a file in MKV, but it needs some editing, I saw a tutorial that teached me how to enable experimental MKV support via «Preferences» — «File I/O» — «Enable MKV Reader». Did this and still can’t work with MKV files. I saw some people had the same problem but no solution.»

«when I try to import a file into Sony Vegas pro 18 it says the error could not be determined, it is an .mkv file if that matter»

Why VEGAS Pro Can’t Play Well with MKV Files?

In fact, till now, MKV hasn’t been added to the official supported format lists of VEGAS Pro. MKV is a container file. What are they? Well, MKV, MOV, MP4, AVI and more are all container files. Think of them like ZIP files. Inside them are video and audio streams. It’s those streams that are in formats like AVC/h.264 or ACC, etc.

MKVs are a particularly flexible form of container file. They can contain multiple video streams, multiple audio streams, multiple subtitle files and a whole host of other things. Because of this, they’re quite hard to work with. Most video software doesn’t support them at all and Vegas PRO only has an experimental MKV handler. Accordingly Vegas Pro can open some MKV files and not others.

MKV files aren’t really a file type that anyone should be using for editing. They’re very much a final/consumer format. In other words, when you’ve completely finished with your project, you might make an MKV as the final playback version.

In short — don’t try to edit MKV files in VEGAS Pro. They are not well-supported and you often end up with unexpected errors like you have.

So what can you do? To use MKV files in VEGAS Pro, the most efficient and easiest solution is to convert the MKV file to VEGAS Pro edit-friendly codec/format. And transcoding is also an 100% working solution. Besides encoding, you can also try to rename file extension or remux MKV to MP4 or any other format to solve VEGAS Pro and MKV incompatible issue. Below we will show the 3 simple and workable ways in details for you.

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Some people may suggest you to try installing the K-Lite Codec Pack to fix MKV import failure. However, we don’t recommend this because this has been known to cause issues with your Vegas, such as crashes, slowdowns and other issues.

Method 1. Convert MKV to VEGAS Pro Supported Format (100% Working Solution)

If your MKV file can play fine but can’t be imported to VEGAS Pro, then file import failure should be due to incompatible file format or codec missing instead of file corruption. It means your VEGAS Pro doesn’t support the video and audio codecs in your MKV video. In such situation, you may have to transcode MKV to an editing-friendly format that VEGAS Pro supports.

To do this, you can adopt DumboFab Video Converter for help. The program support all HD/4K MKV files, no matter what video and audio codes are used. WIth it, you can easily and fast convert MKV to MPEG-2, MP4, AVI, H264 and more VEGAS Pro supported formats without compromising quality of the original MKV video. Batch conversion is supported and it also support compressing, editing, merge multiple videos.

Codec correction (or conversion) is just the tip of the iceberg that it can handle. In terms of the compute-intensive 4K MKV files, it’s also a decent performer, letting you downscale 4K to 1080p, lower 60FPS to 30FPS, adjust bit rate, etc. to better suit your computer hardware configurations and to ensure a smooth MKV importing and latter editing.

Step 1. Open DumboFab Video Converter, and click Add Video button to browse and open target MKV file. Alternatively, you can simply drag and drop the source MKV file into this converter. Batch conversion is supported so you can load multiple videos to convert at the same time.

Когда можно открыть mkv в sony vegas и MKV Not Supported in VEGAS Pro?

Add MKV file that VEGAS Pro can’t import

Step 2. Click Format pull down list, move mouse cursor to Editing Software and select MPEG-2 (*.mpg) as the output format. The MPEG-2 format can be well compatible with VEGAS Pro 19/18/17/16/15 or lower version. You can also select WMV, MOV as the output format.

Когда можно открыть mkv в sony vegas и MKV Not Supported in VEGAS Pro?

Convert MKV to VEGAS Pro Supported Codec/Format

Step 3. Hit Convert button to begin converting MKV to VEGAS Pro supported format.

Method 2. Rename MKV File Extension to MP4 or Other Format (Might Not Work)

Sometimes, we simply need to change the file extension from mkv to one that VEGAS supports and then we can get rid of file import failure.

Right click on your .mkv file, and choose Rename. Then, change the file extension from mkv to mp4, avi, or something that VEGAS Pro can recognize. Then click Yes when a warning pops up. Once done, put the file into VEGAS Pro and see if it can be imported without error now.

Method 3. Remux MKV to MP4, AVI or Other Container (Might Not Work)

Sometimes, VEGAS Pro an support the video and audio codecs in your MKV video but just doesn’t support the MKV container format. In this case, you can simply remux the MKV file to an MP4 container or AVI without changing the video stream inside. This can also be easily done with DumboFab Video Converter. It can remux files quickly and help you import MKV to VEGAS Pro without converting.

Step 1. Download, install and run DumboFab Video Converter and load the source MKV file.

Step 2. Click Format bar, move mouse to Remux category, here you can select MP4, AVI, MOV or MPEG as the remuxing format.

Когда можно открыть mkv в sony vegas и MKV Not Supported in VEGAS Pro?

Remux MKV file for VEGAS Pro

Step 3. Hit Convert. DumboFab Video Converter will put your video and audio files into MP4 container without recoding and re-encoding. No quality will lose. It is 10X faster than transcoding.

Final Words

This post from MiniTool Video Converter mainly tells you if Sony Vegas supports importing MKV or AVI files, supported input video formats of Sony Vegas as well as effective ways to open MKV and AVI files within this software.

On This Page :

Does Sony Vegas Support MKV & AVI

Sony Vegas or Vegas Pro is a video editing software package for non-linear editing compatible with Windows operating systems. It’s designed to create professional videos with all the basic to advanced tools.

Sony Vegas supports importing standard video formats like MP4, MOV, M4V, MPG, MPEG, WMV, MXF, etc. Does Sony Vegas support MKV? Does Sony Vegas support AVI?

Yes, Sony Vegas supports MKV and AVI file formats. However, sometimes when you try to open MKV or AVI into Vegas Pro for further editing, you might receive a warning message that says “An error occurred while opening one or more files. The reason for the error could not be determined”.

Когда можно открыть mkv в sony vegas и MKV Not Supported in VEGAS Pro?

How to Import MKV/AVI Files to Sony Vegas on Windows 11/10

If Sony Vegas can’t recognize your MKV or AVI files, an effective way for this error is to convert MKV or AVI to a Sony Vegas compatible format like MP4.

There’re many MP4 converters, including both desktop applications and online services.

Among the long list of MP4 converters, the MiniTool Video Converter is recommended here. It’s a professional and free video editor for Windows 11/10.

With MiniTool Video Converter, you can convert MKV or AVI to MP4, MOV, WMV, MPEG, and more. Here’s a quick guide.

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MiniTool Video ConverterClick to DownloadClean & Safe

Step 1. Download and install MiniTool Video Converter on your PC.

Step 2. Open MiniTool Video Converter and click Add Files to upload your MKV files.

Step 3. Click the button next to Convert all files to, go to the Video tab, choose MP4, and click the MP4 option with the desired resolution.

Когда можно открыть mkv в sony vegas и MKV Not Supported in VEGAS Pro?

Step 4. Choose the folder to save the converted files and click Convert All to start the conversion.

Also, you can use MiniTool Video Converter to convert between multiple video and audio formats, record your computer screen, and save your favorite video from YouTube.

In addition to Sony Vegas, there’re many other MKV and AVI video editors. When Song Vegas fails to open your MKV or AVI files for editing, you can try a Sony Vegas alternative like MiniTool MovieMaker to edit your MKV or AVI file.

MiniTool MovieMakerClick to DownloadClean & Safe

MiniTool MovieMaker is a great MKV and AVI video editor. It can rotate, flip, trim, split, and crop videos, change the clip’s playback speed, apply filters, and more. More importantly, it supports exporting videos up to 1080p without watermarks.

How to Separate Audio and Video in Sony Vegas

Step 2. Right-click on the clip, choose Group, and then click Remove From. Then, you can drag the audio track as you like or delete it.


Although Song Vegas supports MKV and AVI formats, sometimes you may have problems opening them into this application. When you meet this error, convert your file to another Sony Vegas-supported format, and then open it into Sony Vegas again.

No matter whether you are using Sony Vegas or MAGIX Vegas – the Vegas video editing software was sold to MAGIX in 2016 – this post will have you covered to solve the error of MKV not being supported in Vegas Pro.

Quick Fix: If you want to remux MKV to Sony Vegas friendly format, without re-encoding the content inside (so as to preserve the original quality), jump to method 2 below.

Can Sony Vegas Open MKV Files?

MKV is a container format to store video streams, audio streams, and subtitle tracks. Unlike some other container formats, MKV can contain multiple video streams, audio tracks, and multiple subtitle tracks.

MKV (Matroska) takes its name from Matryoshka, Russian nesting dolls. It is a metaphor for MKV’s capability to take in all those media tracks.

Method 1. Enable MKV Reader in Vegas Pro 17 and Higher Versions

MAGIX added an MKV reader option in Vegas Pro 17. If you are on Vegas Pro 17 or later versions, you can enable it in the preferences settings.

Curiously enough, MKV is not included in the tech specs page of Vegas official website. In its list of Vegas supported video format, we failed to find any information on MKV file support.

Still, you can try out whether enabling that option works for your MKV file.

Step 1. Launch Vegas Pro and click Options from the menu.

Step 2. Hit Preferences.

Step 3. Under the File I/O tab, tick Enable MKV Reader (Experimental).

Когда можно открыть mkv в sony vegas и MKV Not Supported in VEGAS Pro?

Step 4. Close Vegas Pro and restart it for the change to take effect.

Now, drag and drop the MKV file into Vegas, and see if it works. Make sure to test the audio also.

Should this method fail, go on with method 2.

Method 2. Convert MKV to Sony Vegas Format

Since MKV is not a friendly format for Sony Vegas, the best solution is to re-wrap the content into other compatible containers, such as MP4, AVI and WMV.

The process to swap a container – from MKV to MP4 for instance – without re-encoding is known as remux. The tool capable of remuxing MKV is VideoProc Converter, and we are going to use it in this tutorial.

What VideoProc Converter does here is to extract the original video content, audio tracks, and subtitles tracks, and put them into another container, such as MP4. As you can see, the entire process won’t involve video re-encoding, thus avoiding quality loss.

Step 1. Download and install VideoProc Converter.

It works for both Windows and Mac, with a lightweight size that runs smoothly even on old machines.

Step 2. Go to Video module, drag and drop your MKV file.

Когда можно открыть mkv в sony vegas и MKV Not Supported in VEGAS Pro?

Step 3. Choose MP4 as the target format, and most importantly, tick Auto Copy for video remux.

Когда можно открыть mkv в sony vegas и MKV Not Supported in VEGAS Pro?

Then you can hit the Run button, and the program will deliver an MP4 video for you quickly. Everything that’s inside MKV will stay intact in MP4.

Когда можно открыть mkv в sony vegas и MKV Not Supported in VEGAS Pro?

VideoProc Converter is a professional video processing software, with video conversion, video multiplexing, and video compressing features built-in. Plus, it is also baked with basic editing features, so that you can quickly trim videos, change audio volume, video speed, fix wrong orientations (rotate, mirror, flip video), and enhance video quality.

Когда можно открыть mkv в sony vegas и MKV Not Supported in VEGAS Pro?

VideoProc Converter — Best Companion for Vegas Pro

Video remux is workable when the output format supports the codec in the source file. For instance, WebM container only supports VP8 and VP9 video codec. If your source MKV is encoded with H264, and you insist on using WebM as the target format, then it is inevitable that the H264 video need to be re-encoded into VP8/VP9 WebM video.

For the non-techie, don’t worry, you don’t need to check all the details about video codec of your source MKV. The Auto Copy option in VideoProc Converter will automatically pass through the video and audio stream.

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Method 3. Use the Free Command Line Tool – FFmpeg

For the geeks, you can also import MKV in Sony Vegas by converting it to MP4 with FFmpeg. For the non techie, the command line entails some learning curve, but since it is free, it may worth the effort, with learning time being the trade-off.

Step 1. Install FFmpeg on your Windows computer.

It involves eight steps to install FFmpeg for Windows and set up everything, so we include it in a separate tutorial.

Step 2. Open the Command Prompt tool on your Windows.

aunch the command line tool, and enter the text below:

ffmpeg -i «source-video-name.mkv» -c:a copy -c:v copy «output-video-name.mp4»

Когда можно открыть mkv в sony vegas и MKV Not Supported in VEGAS Pro?

Note: Change the source-video-name to match your MKV file, and set an out-put-video-name as anything you like.

The command basically tells FFmpeg to copy audio and video as-is, and change the MKV container into MP4 which Vegas Pro can better handle.

MKV is not a well-accepted format in Sony Vegas (or MAGIX Vegas). If you are facing MKV importing errors, or the MKV audio is missing, consider turning MKV to MP4 using VideoProc Converter. It only changes the container format from .mkv to .mp4 and won’t mess up with the content inside.

Click the buttons bellow to download VideoProc Converter.

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Когда можно открыть mkv в sony vegas и MKV Not Supported in VEGAS Pro?

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