Сервисный центр Luxury Gadget — отзывы, фото, цены, телефон и адрес — Сервисные центры — Москва —

Сервисный центр Luxury Gadget - отзывы, фото, цены, телефон и адрес - Сервисные центры - Москва - Гаджет

Bang & olufsen beovision contour all-in-one oled tv

The Bang & Olufsen Beovision Contour All-in-One OLED TV is another of our favorite cool luxury gadgets that are too good to be true. Its minimalist design is a gorgeous addition to any room, and its award-winning sound brings the theater to your home.

Bugatti & tidal audio royale speaker range

A collaboration between the two brands, the Bugatti & TIDAL Audio Royale Speaker Range combines design and performance. These colossal speakers have features in line with the Bugatti sports cars, and you can customize materials, finishes, and details.

Bugatti & TIDAL Audio Royale Speaker Range
Bugatti & TIDAL Audio Royale speaker range on a stone surface

Bugatti baby ii mini car

For the child you dote on or for your own toy collection, there’s the Bugatti Baby II Mini Car. A replica of the Bugatti Type 35, it’s powered by a 1.4 kWh battery pack with two power modes. The expert mode reaches speeds of up to 30 mph.

Caviar airpods max gold black

Meanwhile, the Caviar AirPods Max Gold Black is a serious upgrade to your headphones. The ear cups are made from 750 grams of pure gold with Caviar inscriptions etched on the headband. Now that’s a cool luxury gadget.

Caviar AirPods Max Golden Black
Caviar AirPods Max Gold Black on a black background

Caviar golden rock sony playstation 5

The Caviar Golden Rock Sony PlayStation 5 is a jaw-dropping way to add luxury to your gaming setup. It’s coated with about 20 kg of gold and features a geode design that amplifies reflected light. And, if that’s not enough, the gamepad uses crocodile leather and 700 more grams of gold.

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Caviar Golden Rock Sony PlayStation 5
Caviar Golden Rock Sony PlayStation 5 on a black background

Grobo premium smart indoor garden

You can grow a garden indoors, on your own terms, with the Grobo Premium Smart Indoor Garden. This high-tech growing box lets you produce high-quality plants with large yields right from the start.

Handjet ebs-260 handheld anywhere printer

The Handjet EBS-260 Handheld Anywhere Printer gives you the ability to print on pretty much any material, including wood, cement, lumber, plastic, and more. It’s a great way to enhance your business or creative project.

Hariana tech smart ultimate bed

For the ultimate bedroom luxury, go for the Hariana Tech Smart Ultimate Bed. It comes with a built-in massage chair, Bluetooth connectivity, a reading lamp, a desk, and more. This bed will turn your room into a relaxation sanctuary.

Lux gadget | о магазине

Каждый современный человек постоянно испытывает дефицит свободного времени. Для того чтобы избавить Вас от лишних хлопот и от растраты Вашего драгоценного времени на походы по магазинам, в поисках интересующей Вас модели телефона, мы создали максимально удобную виртуальную витрину мобильных устройств ведущих производителей.

Представляем Вашему вниманию полный и постоянно обновляющийся ассортимент мобильных гаджетов.

Все товары в нашем интернет-магазине имеют гарантию сервисного центра, с которым мы сотрудничаем, либо гарантию производителя.

Наши менеджеры помогут Вам в выборе товара, оформлении покупки, проследят за чётким и оперативным исполнением Вашего заказа. Мы предлагаем нашим покупателям ТОЛЬКО качественную продукцию по лучшим ценам.

Уважаемые Покупатели, если Вы не нашли нужную Вам модель телефона на нашей виртуальной витрине, напишите нам письмо info@gadgetmaniac.ru и мы, с удовольствием, постараемся исполнить Ваш запрос. Мы работаем, целиком и полностью ориентируясь на Ваши пожелания.

В благодарность за Ваш выбор gadgetmaniac.ru, мы постараемся сделать всё, чтобы покупки в нашем Интернет Магазине вызывали у Вас только положительные эмоции.

Уважаемые покупатели!

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Уважаемые поставщики! Если у Вас есть к нам предложение по размещению Ваших товаром на нашем сайте, то мы готовы принять у Вас товар комиссию.

Magico m9 carbon fiber loudspeaker

Experience some of the world’s finest loudspeakers with the Magico M9 Carbon Fiber Loudspeaker. It minimizes vibrations without storing energy and is the first speaker to use carbon fiber in the inner and outer skins.

Magico M9 Carbon Fiber Loudspeaker
Magico M9 carbon fiber loudspeaker on a gray background

Your garden can be your workspace when you have the Autonomous Zen Work Pod Outside Office. Just set this auxiliary office space up on your property, and the tempered glass walls will give you a gorgeous view of what’s outside.

Naim mu-so bentley special edition wireless speaker system

If you’re looking for a speaker system to match your Bentley, then the Naim Mu-so Bentley Special Edition Wireless Speaker System is the answer. It’s the brand’s first speaker with a wooden finish. There’s even a copper-threaded speaker grille, and the signature Bentley lattice surrounds the volume dial.

Nook soundproof booth

Sometimes you just need a quiet space to work in, and the Nook Soundproof Booth provides that. This is one of those cool luxury gadgets you can set up in your current office, garden, or living area for a personal distraction-free zone.

Samsung airdresser garment-refreshing appliance

Why trek your designer clothes all the way to the dry cleaner when you can have them cleaned at home? The Samsung AirDresser Garment-Refreshing Appliance makes this possible. A beautiful addition to your closet, it removes 99% of dust particles in just 25 minutes.

Tempo studio ai home gym

You can get your gym fix at home with the Tempo Studio AI Home Gym. This luxury gadget comes with every piece of gym equipment you need along with access to live and on-demand workouts. Standing six feet tall, this workout gadget looks elegant in your home thanks to its easel design.

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We hope you enjoyed these 20 luxury gadgets that are too cool to be true. It really is amazing what you can buy when you have the means. Let us know in the comments what you think about these high-end products.

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Tesla solar panels rooftop power supply

If your idea of luxury is making your home as green as possible, check out the Tesla Solar Panels Rooftop Power Supply. These panels look great on your roof and can power your home for decades using the sun.

Xiaomi mi tv lux oled transparent edition clear tv

Another of our favorite cool luxury gadgets is the Xiaomi Mi TV LUX OLED Transparent Edition Clear TV. The images on this TV look as though they’re suspended in midair. And, when you turn it off, this cool luxury gadget looks like a clear piece of glass.

Yujet surfer jet-powered surfboard

Inspire the envy of everyone at the beach when you buzz by on the Yujet Surfer Jet-Powered Surfboard. This product made our list of cool luxury gadgets because it lets you travel at up to 25 mph, so you’ll really feel the wind in your face.

Yujet Surfer Jet-Powered Surfboard
Yujet Surfer jet-powered surfboard in the ocean

Сервисный центр luxury gadget

Любимый сотовый глючит и отказывается работать? В Сервисном центре Luxury Gadget
помогут вашей беде!
Опытные мастера проведут подробную диагностику телефона,
исправят возникшие неполадки и
вернут ваш девайс к жизни.

Кроме того, в числе услуг
изготовление ключей.

Сервисный центр Luxury Gadget находится по адресу
Московская область, Реутов, шоссе Москва-Нижний Новгород, вл19 к П1, рядом с метро Новокосино.

График работы: ежедневно: 09:00 — 19:00.

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