The best gadgets for advanced sleep monitoring, 2020

The best gadgets for advanced sleep monitoring, 2020 Гаджет

Avoid caffeine in the afternoon.

Having caffeine in the morning is not so likely to disrupt your sleep at night, but you should avoid consuming caffeine after mid-afternoon. This is one of the most common sleep tips because it can really have a huge impact on the quality of your sleep.

Why? Caffeine’s stimulant effects are disruptive to high-quality sleep. And with the popularity of energy drinks and specialty coffee drinks, it isn’t too difficult to continue to consume caffeine after the morning hours, even if your coffee cup has been put away. I know I am guilty of craving a latte at 3:00 pm, but it is best to choose caffeine-free tea instead.

16 gadgets bed accessories that want to help you sleep better

This week is Sleep Awareness Week — are you getting enough? While it’s fun to see the sleeping habits of the rich and famous, what your sleeping position says about your relationship and even when the best time is to go to sleep, you can’t really get the full seven to eight hours needed unless you have the best bedroom accessories and gadgets. Check out some of our faves below, then go and catch some much needed Zzs on the daily — err, nightly.

1. Casper ($500-$950): This mattress unites memory and latex foams to allow for a cool sleep, a healthy bounce and ideal anatomic support. Available in all six standard sizes, backed by a 10-year warranty with a 100-night trail period and delivered to your door without having to set foot into a mattress store (and fully compressible to fit through any door), this *just right* bed will have you sleeping soundly every single night.

2. Withings Aura ($300): This sleep tracker is placed under your mattress (yep, no on-your-arm wearable action) to monitor everything from your tossing and turning to your heart breathing rates to uncover how well your sleeping is — or isn’t. The bonus perk to this device is its ambient light, which just so happens to double as an alarm clock. The light monitors temperature changes in the room and other environmental aspects to work with the monitor and discover the reasons behind your sleeping problem areas. This thing is seriously smart. If you’re a restless sleeper, the Aura may be just what you’ve been looking for to solve those long nights of insomnia.

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3. Crane Canopy’s Nova Duvet Cover ($30-$169): The luxury bedding brand has an innovative bedding product that is going to alter your sleeping routine and bed-making habits. The duvet cover allows you to make your bed up to 80% faster with its 2-in-1 combo of a duvet cover and a flat sheet. Not only does this comforter eliminate the need for the pesky flat sheet, but it also simplifies the dreaded task of stuffing the comforter into a duvet cover. Get one of these and you’re pretty much guaranteeing yourself the feeling of staying in the nicest, most exotic Airbnb around.

4. Remee ($95): If you’re looking for a sleep mask that enhances your REM experience, look no further. After you slide it over your sleepy eyes, the mask gets to work to help increase the frequency of your lucid dreams. By using low-profile electronics hidden within the mask, the eye cover provides customizable light patterns that your mind recognizes. Why not try it out and get your lucid on?

5. Shadow (Request iOS Android invite): This innovative alarm clock helps you to record and remember your dreams. Because there’s nothing worse than forgetting them, right? It works through escalating alarms that wake you up and ask you to either type, speak or answer questions about your dream. Then once you start recording countless dreams, patterns start to emerge and you will discover trends in your sleep. Sounds pretty sci-fi if you ask us.

6. Misfit Beddit ($150): This smart device, which lays across your mattress similar to the Aura, helps you to track how long you sleep, your sleep cycles, awake time and heart rate. Every morning you can head over to the app to check out your results (hopefully not too many improvements will be needed). If changes are in order, you can set goals (like an earlier bedtime 😉 within the app or even put on some ambient sounds to lull you into slumber. The Beddit is also super smart, and will wake you up with its alarm when you’re in a light sleep cycle so you don’t wake up on the wrong side of the bed. Just try and make sure that light sleep cycle happens before you’re supposed to be at work.

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7. Brookstone Bed Fan ($100): If you’re sick of feeling too warm under the sheets but love the comfort of being covered up, this is the item for you. This fan slides under your sheets to keep you cool the whole time you’re snoozing. Now cuddle up under those sheets without the worry of waking up in a sweaty mess.

8. Sheex ($20-$104): You can totally pair this performance sleepwear (available also as sheets!) with the bed fan. These hoodies, shirts, pants, tanks, bras and boxers keep you from overheating and waking up sweaty (gross!). Sleep Fit tech is used to create the fabric (similar to Lululemon Nike sweat-wicking attire) to keep you feeling comfy cozy no matter the temp in your room. We’re totally ready to slip these on and slide between the sheets.

9. Tuft Needle ($250-$750): These foam mattresses are designed and crafted to be not too soft or too hard, so your body will be evenly and comfortably distributed for maximum comfort. With a 10-year warranty and 30-night trial period, you can try out this sleeper to ensure this is the one you want to share every night with.

10. Sense by Hello ($129): This sleep device pays extra attention to sleep activities (movement, best wake up times, etc.) while also monitoring your environment to make sense of what is impacting your sleep. Looking like a beautiful night light — the perfect accessory for your charging nightstand — the sphere turns colors depending on the condition of your room. Say hello to your newest sleep friend.

11. Dreampad ($179): This pillow plays music only you can hear to help you fall asleep without annoying your bed partner. After connecting your music-playing device, the pillow uses a special technology to send vibrations to the bony area around the middle and inner ear to facilitate relaxation responses. Whether Taylor Swift or Iggy Azalea help you fall asleep, turn your music on and start counting those sheep.

12. Jawbone UP ($50-$180): The fitness ( sleep) tracker monitors your deep light sleep, how many hours you caught the Zzzs and if you did any sleep walking. It even helps to wake you up. The wearable is basically your personal sleeping trainer. Now the pressure’s on to impress it.

13. Sunn Light ($289 Pre-Order): This gorgeous LED light uses smart technology to adjust its color and brightness depending on how bright the real sun is shining. So when the sun is rising, so is the device’s actual light output, allowing you to wake up naturally. Sounds like the equivalent of waking up on the beach (without the sand) to us.

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14. Pillow (Free on iOS): This advanced sleep tracking alarm clock makes it effortless to measure and track the quality of your sleep, improves the way you wake up and helps you learn more about your sleep while giving you tools for improving it. If analytics are your thing, this is the sleeping app for you.

15. Bedphones ($60): These headphones designed for the bed are essential for those looking for the full bedtime tune experience. Not only are the super thin, but they also fit to your ear so they don’t get lost in your bed if you happen to be someone that tosses and turns throughout the night. While these are perfect for resting your head and listening to music to get you to sleep, you’re also totally allowed to rock out with them throughout the rest of your day too.

16. Neuro:On ($299 Pre-Order): This brainwave monitoring sleep mask lets you get the beauty sleep you’ve been craving without having to go a full seven to eight hours a night. The main purpose of this mask is to make your sleep time more efficient by enabling polyphasic sleep. Spoiler alert: you’ll be taking power naps throughout the day. If you’re ready to add more hours to your day, save up your coins and prep your eyes for this gadget.

Which sleeping products will you be snuggling up with? Let us know in the comments.

. Create a routine.

Build a pre-sleep ritual that allows your body to de-stress and subconsciously tells your mind to relax because it is time to go to sleep. Pre-sleep rituals can include a variety of things, but a common routine may include:

. Wear socks.

People who tend to have cold extremities may find it hard to sleep if their feet start to get cold in the middle of the night. Wrap them up with some warm socks before bed to prevent this.

. Get spiritual.

Say an evening prayer, meditate, or practice yoga before bed. Purposeful breathing and light stretching are all great methods of getting a little spiritual peace before going to sleep.

. Visualize.

To help yourself relax, work on visualizing a peaceful place. Maybe that is at the beach or in the mountains. Wherever you can find peace, visualize the sounds and smells of that place and imagine you are there to get some stress relief.


ten gadgets for advanced sleep monitoring - The best gadgets for advanced sleep monitoring, 2020
Image source: Apple

Thin as two sheets of paper, the Beddit Sleep Tracker is unnoticeable. It doesn’t touch your skin and once installed, requires no further hassle. All you need to do is slip the sensor under your bed sheet. Located where your heart is, Beddit measures the person who’s physically on top of it. It covers a measuring area of around 75 centimeters so as long as you stay on your side of the bed, you’re fine.

In the morning, check your sleep data from your smartphone. Beddit keeps tabs on your sleep time, sleeping patterns, resting heart rate, breathing frequency and snoring time. The tracker also looks at all the important elements of your sleep and summarizes them into one simple number – the SleepScore. Reaching the green-zone means you’ve had a good night’s sleep and are ready for the day’s challenges.

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Fitbit charge 4

ten gadgets for advanced sleep monitoring - The best gadgets for advanced sleep monitoring, 2020
Image source: Fitbit

Charge 4 (or its predecessor the Charge 3), is one of the best options out there for a person who is after a solid 24/7 activity tracker, and who does the occasional run here and there. You’ll find continuous heart rate monitoring (including resting heart rate), and the device will keeps tabs on your activity 24/7.

Garmin vivosmart 4

ten gadgets for advanced sleep monitoring 1 - The best gadgets for advanced sleep monitoring, 2020
Image source: Garmin

Helps you fall asleep


Falling asleep can be more difficult than staying asleep. With its headband, Muse hopes to train the brain to handle stress more efficiently, making it easier to relax. The gadget uses sensors to measure brain activity and then feeds that data to an app that guides you through meditation exercises. A number of less expensive or free meditation apps attempt to do much of the same without the headband.

Helps you wake up


Beddi is the Swiss Army knife of alarm clocks. In addition to shining a warm light and streaming Spotify tunes to wake you up, it can charge your smartphone, control your other connected devices and read you the weather and traffic updates when you wake.

Sleep gadget #1

Most of us wake to the sound of a jarring alarm clock in the mornings. This causes an immediate stress response, shocking us out of our safe sleeping place and sharply into our daily routine. It’s a poor way to start the day.

Sleep gadget #2

Omvana is a free iOS app that brings you hundreds of high quality audios for meditation, relaxation and sleep.

What’s unique is that many of these audios can be customized — meaning you can mix-and-match hypnotic narratives with your choice of ambient music. You can even take an inspiring speech or poem and turn it into a meditation before bed.

For help silencing the mind-chatter, practicing visualization, or incubating a lucid dream, Omvana offers a library of world class relaxation audios — including our very own Pete Casale’s Dream Escape featured under Relaxation Sounds. Created by MindValley, the giant of the self-help genre.

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Sleep gadget #5

Now here’s a bit of old-school lucid gadgetry: The REM Dreamer
is the best value lucid dream mask that actually detects REM sleep (via infra-red sensors) and flashes lights at your closed eyelids while you dream. These lights will naturally penetrate your dreamworld and, with some training, this will become your instant lucidity trigger.

Sleep gadget #6

This sound and night light won the Infant/Toddler Toy of The Year award in 2021, yet Cloud B Tranquil Turtle has proven to be a hit among adults, too.

Tranquil Turtle is an effective relaxation aid, helping to calm and unwind busy minds at bedtime. It has two light modes: projecting mesmerizing static or moving 3-dimensional wave patterns on the ceiling and walls. It also has two complimentary sound modes: ocean waves and a tranquil melody on loop.

See customer review on AmazonSee my full review

Sleep gadget #7

Would you ever want to forget the time you rode a flying Yeti? That’s the tag line of the DreamCatcher Project — an iOS app featuring speech-to-text functionality, converting your spoken dream narratives into digital written records.

The appeal of this app is being able to lay still in the dark while recording your dreams — the memories of which may strike you at any time in the night, not just the morning — and not disturb your sleeping partner. It’s also shown to aid recall, since movement causes motor neurons to fire in the brain, overwriting your dream memories.

Sleep hacks

If you’re like me, you probably want to try to how to cure insomnia naturally. You might not want to use strong sleeping pills or spend money on sleep gadgets until it is a last recourse. You want to try everything before you spend money or take unnatural pills.

For all of you we have some sleep “hacks” that are some lesser known natural sleep remedies that can assist in bring about the sleep you crave, without resorting to buying sleep gadgets.

Sleepace reston

ten gadgets for advanced sleep monitoring 7 - The best gadgets for advanced sleep monitoring, 2020
Image source: Sleepace

ten gadgets for advanced sleep monitoring 1 - The best gadgets for advanced sleep monitoring, 2020
Originally an Indiegogo funded gadget, this is a strip you place under your bedsheet that measures your sleeping patterns including breathing rate, heart rate and body movement. It is non-wearable and ultra-thin so you’ll barely notice that its there.

Sleepscore labs’ sleepscore max

ten gadgets for advanced sleep monitoring 6 - The best gadgets for advanced sleep monitoring, 2020
Image source: SleepScore Labs

Withings aura

ten gadgets for advanced sleep monitoring 5 - The best gadgets for advanced sleep monitoring, 2020
Image source: Withings

Aura measures heart rate, breathing cycles and body movements to detect which sleep stage you are in. The bedside device will analyze sound, temperature and light levels throughout the night, noting any degradation of the quality of sleep due to your bedroom’s environment, and helps you understand what impacts your sleep negatively.

In the morning, your night’s data is analyzed and turned into a graph showcasing the different stages of sleep (light, deep and REM) and key sleep quality indicators (duration of sleep, time it took to fall asleep, number of wake-ups).

Withings was over taken by Nokia a couple of years ago but has found its footing again. Now that its back with its French owner we are sure the company will continue to go from strength to strength.


Withings sleep analyzer

ten gadgets for advanced sleep monitoring 2 - The best gadgets for advanced sleep monitoring, 2020
Image source: Withings

ten gadgets for advanced sleep monitoring - The best gadgets for advanced sleep monitoring, 2020This is our pick as the best standalone device you can purchase to track your sleep. Withings Sleep Analyzer is designed to be positioned on the side of the bed, at chest level. There is nothing to wear or do. Simply slip the gizmo under your mattress and plug it in.

In the morning, the gadget will provide you with detailed info on sleep cycles (deep, light and REM) and heart rate. The data it collects automatically makes its way to your phone so is ready to be viewed when you open the app.

It even detects snoring, breathing disturbances and can spot sleep apnea. And it does this accurately even though it lies under a thick mattress. The accompanying smartphone app also dishes out a Sleep Score, a single figure letting you know how restful your sleep really was.

In our review, we found Sleep Analyzer to be an excellent tracking device. A non-wearable, simple solution that just works. Top marks!

For the geeks amongst us, the sleep pad comes with IFTTT integration for automation of certain activities. For example you can use it to dim the lights when you go to bed, turn the radio or thermostat on and off.

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. Get a sleep-friendly blue light bulb.

Yes, this is relatively expensive for a light bulb. However, these light bulbs help you fall asleep naturally and sleep soundly, waking up feeling refreshed by eliminating your exposure to blue light before bed. This is a great product for people who don’t want to wear any additional gear while they sleep, but just want to have fewer things in the room that may disrupt their sleep.

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