звездные войны гаджет — купите звездные войны гаджет с бесплатной доставкой на АлиЭкспресс version

звездные войны гаджет — купите звездные войны гаджет с бесплатной доставкой на АлиЭкспресс  version Гаджет

12 star wars gadgets for the coolest geek in your life

Does the power of the Force get you through every day? Whether you live life on the Dark Side or go for the Light, the Star Wars franchise is nothing short of amazing. The films are cinematic masterpieces that are designed to have the user experience conflict. However, as a result, there’s a beautiful balance. To help you decide on the Dark or the Light, Luke or Kylo Ren, you can explore our 10 Star Wars gadgets to awaken the geek inside you.

Rife with personality, this set includes a teapot, two saucers, two mugs, and even a sugar jar for the perfect flavor. The Darth Vader Set is officially licensed and uses premium ceramic for the best functionality.

Add some geeky flavor to your next dish with the Star Wars Lightsaber Salt & Pepper Shakers. These mills look just like the handles of the real Lightsabers. Using nano-coated stainless steel, the Lightsaber Shakers give you just the right amount of seasoning.

This robot comes with an app to give you an augmented reality experience. It’s the job of the Stormtrooper to protect the First Order against the Resistance. But, this gets to happen all at home. Using your voice, you can command the Stormtrooper and it will follow your commands.

This intelligent robot cleans your floors to perfection and totally gives into your Star Wars fanaticism. The POWERbot comes in two forms for the world’s greatest space opera franchise: Darth Vader and a Stormtrooper.

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This print is equally intriguing and inspiring. A Stormtrooper stands in the center and is complete with a chic jacket, a fun shirt, and a classic tie. The helmet of the Stormtrooper is there in all of its beauty and remains unchanged.

Using the latest technology, this speaker system actually floats in mid-air. Totally defying gravity, the Death Star Speaker is attention-grabbing and mesmerizing. As it floats, the speaker also rotates slowly in a full 360 degrees.

Drink your favorite coffee and take a trip to the Galactic Empire at the same time with this Star Wars Darth Vader Porcelain Drinking Mug. It’s one of the coolest coffee mugs that takes inspiration from Darth Vader or Stormtrooper in the way it’s designed.

Made by hand, this wonderful timepiece has an unusual display of the time. Rather than numbers, the Star Wars Clock has icons from the greatest films of all time. These include a Stormtrooper mask, a Jedi outline, Darth Vader, R2-D2, Yoda, and more.

You can now have total control over your BB-8 app-enabled Droid toy all on your wrist with the Star Wars Sphere Force BB-8 Controller Band. This wearable remains connected to the toy and gives you the power of the Force.

Use the power of the Force to get to your food more elegantly with the Darth Vader ToothSaber. Combining your love for Star Wars and you desire to grab more food, Darth Vader himself sets aside his big personality to personally deliver you a toothpick.

Thanks to our advancements in technology, we’ve made it possible to bring a new part of Star Wars: The Force Awakens into your home. Meet BB-8 — the app-enabled Droid that’s as authentic as it is advanced.

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Each Star Wars Toaster is molded in sturdy black plastic and meticulously detailed to look Darth Vader’s helmet. It makes an imposing addition to any kitchen counter. Pop in two pieces of bread, frozen pancakes, hamburger buns, Alderaan muffins, or whatever, and in moments Vader ejects them with “Star Wars” toasted onto one side.

Still can’t get over the Star Wars nostalgia? Check our entire category for more.

Звездные войны гаджет — купите звездные войны гаджет с бесплатной доставкой на алиэкспресс version

Перед покупкой сравните цены на звездные войны гаджет, прочитайте реальные отзывы покупателей, ознакомьтесь с техническими характеристиками.

Закажите звездные войны гаджет онлайн с доставкой по России: товары с пометкой Plus доступны с ускоренной доставкой и улучшенными условиями возврата.

На Алиэкспресс звездные войны гаджет всегда в наличии в большом ассортименте: на площадке представлены как надежные мировые бренды, так и перспективные молодые.

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